The Problem with Fashion

The problem with fashion is that you are embracing what you are being told is ‘cool’ – or in many cases embracing what you are being told is ‘true’ – or even what is ‘right’ – because it is fashionable – i.e because others are doing or saying it, rather than because it either really looks good, is really true, or is really right! So as Christians the word ‘fashion’ really needs to be assigned to the waste bin. Nothing is evil in itself of course – I mean – it’s not a sin to wear something because others are doing it, but it is a sin to say something is right or wrong because others are doing it.

And I would argue that by being a faithful follower of fashion you are sort of setting yourself up to be a sheep in all the other areas in life where it really matters (I mean it’s not really important what you wear so long as it’s not displeasing to God)