Is Climate Change Real?

Of course it is, God made it that way. Every day I look outside my window I see wind, rain, hot days and cool days, cold months and sweltering hot months, hot years and cool years, warm decades and cooler ones. When I was a kid in the 1970s, my school teachers were telling us we were in for another ice-age if we did not stop pollution – oh yes – this is REALLY what they were telling us 6-year-olds back in 1977. But you can’t find any information on this for love nor money on the web.

Of course climate change is real

And then there was the change from ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change’ as if that alone is not enough to raise eyebrows amongst everyone – scientist or not, but of course this was done because they too recognised that even though the temperature may be rising over all (or not as the case may be) the word ‘warming’ should never be applied to this subject as even they recognise it’s not continuously warming and that there are times of cooling in between.

It should always be ok to question – science is not consensus, assumption or voting

And then we know that The Thames River in London just a few hundred years ago was practically continuously covered in ice for some time – things were cooler, and now the climate has changed. So am I a climate change denier? No – the climate is always changing. So for me the jury is out – not least because I am not a scientist and do not have access to of means to really understand the science. So I’ll keep my mouth shut on whether or not the whole thing is baloney and just add that in a 1975 interview, Margaret Thatcher – love her or hate her – warned us about the new tide of consensus taking precedence over what is actually fact or fiction. In other words, if enough people think something is right – it is – a ridiculous concept but one that seems to be happening here. Jesus said the gate to truth is always narrow so whilst that may not apply here we should at least head her warning at the least.

We need to listen to both sides

But what happens when a really clever scientist – one who does understand the figures, and the funding of climate research says we need not to assume that the scientists or the science is always correct? Even I know assumptions are not science, and that proof is actually not possible in most cases – only a best estimate based on the numbers and evidence. And often what is ‘proved’ in science turns out to be ‘disproved’ later. Well such a man is in the video posted below. Whatever the truth – we all need to look after the planet period, but be careful not worship it.

Founder of Weather Channel questions climate change

So I am not able to say one way or the other. I do know that vast amounts of money changes hands in this field between companies, scientific research centres (and probably politicians) and more and more will be doing so as climate change becomes a bigger and bigger field of research, and industry gets more and more involved with solving the ‘problem’. See what you make of the scientist below and as ever I suggest watching not just this, but videos by those saying the opposite, and those in between. After all we Christians should never fear and embrace the truth – whichever side the chips fall, even when its not we want to hear.

Actor Richard Dreyfuss Talks Some Sense

I have no idea if he is a Christian, and it matters not in terms of the point of this article, but interestingly in the following interview brilliant actor Richard Dreyfuss – the man that rightly pointed out that; “fame is like a poison” – suggests that if we do not learn the 10 commandments we are doomed from the get-go. I have on this site many times argued that if this simple set of ten laws or ‘rules’ – yes I’m a Christian and I said it – were known in every heart and mind on the planet and taken as sacred – all the world’s problems – and I mean ALL would disappear. It’s not going to happen, but I believe they are really that powerful. Why? Well lets start with the number one problem (or at least near the top spot for man’s bad habits) in the world – coveting. Men covet their neighbours watch, their car, their lifestyle, their money, their resources and even their land – and the latter is what most wars are fought over.

He also says; “We are not born knowing the ten commandments” which I partly agree with – except that as we develop into adults, there does seem to be a universal understanding of these ten laws in arguably every person and tribe all over the planet. These basic laws have the power to turn naturally ungodly, animalistic men and women from beasts into real men and women. The Bible alludes to God writing in them in the hearts of all men – at which point this happened I am not sure.

I suggest it is not legalistic to stand by and teach the laws as all Christians once used to everywhere – not for salvation – but for reproof and correction, and for the love of God and your fellow man, and we see the ways in which we are to love of our fellow men in several commandments. Yes Jesus summarised these laws into two – love your neighbour as your self and love God – but these ten, decrypt the two, and tell us exactly HOW to love God and our fellow man. You simply cannot love your fellow man if you covet his wife – you cannot love your fellow man by not honouring your parents (however good or bad they are).

Let’s put the ten commandments where they were almost universally seen before we became as self-centred as we have now become – back on our homes, our church walls, our school walls, our courtroom walls, prison walls. Enjoy this clip of someone talking sense for a change and getting to the root of all our problems – our collective lack of knowledge of the ten commandments that should be ingrained in the heart of all men and women and children – NOT for salvation but for the good of society. My thoughts of course – feel free to disagree and comment below.

The Dead End That PC Leads To

This has got to be a joke right? Sadly not, their at it again and where it will end is frightening. Another bunch of lunatics have escaped and are attempting to further modify our language to conform with so-called social ‘norms’ which they naively think is improving justice, but as always just ends up by only strengthening the walls of the straight jacket and prison planet they are unwittingly creating for themselves and others. So much for and far from progressive, the next thing they will order us to do is get rid of all pronouns entirely so we have to grunt to communicate. Hang on a minute – didn’t we do that 4000 years ago? Seems rather regressive to me… or… is there another agenda to all this than the ‘equality’ stuff that the governments are rubber-stamping that we are missing?

PC madnessWe know (and often forget) the Devil’s greatest weapon is deception and he almost never does his greatest works and damage out in the open, and being a coward always tries to enter via the back door. Hmm. So we might do well to remember that when we see the PC brigade doing their thing, and the myriad of weak people and organisations and governments cave in and follow their so-called ‘equality’ rules, knowing how the devil operates, it’s very likely – almost a given – that it’s not, and never been the ‘minority’ groups groups he or his subjects purport to support that they really care about. What they really care about is shutting anyone up that would dare to question the morality of what is being done or called the ‘norm’. In other words – they want to abolish accountability of their deeds and be accountable to no one, and one person in particular is God. The best and quickest most effective way to do this without getting involved yourself (i.e ridding yourself of all blame)?… suggest and promote and encourage the people to demand the government sign into law PC policies that alienate anyone that is brave enough to call it out for what it is.

These word changes would be funny if it wasn’t so seriously misguided

The Bible speaks of men in the last days calling what is good evil and what is evil good and The Devil has for millennia, simply by altering the ‘meanings’ of words, been able to manipulate huge groups of people and now the nations without lifting a finger, cajoling those that are weak-willed and easily manipulated into doing his bidding. The governments that ‘support’ these equality laws and rules pretend to have their people’s interests at hearts, when in reality they know that nothing is more powerful to them than a people that is kept in check by other people – and even better if the people themselves sensor their own speech.

PC brigade and their supporters are sadly just pawns in the hands of those that rule over them

And of course pitting one group against another it’s an ancient tactic used by countless despots and dictators to turn get the people – the masses to do their bidding for them. So we must be on guard when we Christians start to embrace this nonsense and understand that we are being manipulated – even the minority groups themselves are being used as pawns in the giant chess game designed to eliminate God from home, classroom, court, and ultimately the temple of God – people themselves.

In the end Political Correctness gives the government power to put anyone they want in a straight jacket – including the PC folk that initiated it

Political correctness is at best, a power hungry politicians ticket to over-reaching anything, anytime they wish, and at worst a despot’s dream come true. Then such despots can simply sit around a board table and make up social norms that go against their liberal and so-called ‘progressive’ agendas and sign them into law so that anyone who challenges them (namely their opponents) can be locked up for ‘hate speech.’ All this so-called new sounding ‘equality’ and anything-goes stuff really does sound progressive but in reality it’s all happened before – usually just before the collapse of the empire that signs it into law.

They think they are playing with words but they are playing with fire

God gives the peoples of any nation a chance to repent, but once they have allowed a government to go against His laws, and specifically actively encouraged their leaders to legalise something and stamp their seal of approval on it so that good is now officially evil and evil is now officially good, then the game is usually up since unfortunately at this point history shows us that there is nothing that can be done with that people once they have reached that point. They have pulled the blinders down so far that they are not able to see well enough to lift them. The fact is there really is nothing new under the sun.

Facegarbage? Should Christians Use Facebook?

I typed Facegarbage into Google and it return the message;

“Did you mean Facegarage?”

I had to laugh, as if Google assumed that Facebook could not possibly be garbage, or contain mountains upon mountain of the stuff, and I must have really been looking for a car repair service called ‘Facegarage’ lol!

“In the last days people will be lovers of selfies

Well I think (my humble opinion of course) it’s time we Christians came off this site that really is a piled full of garbage – nonsense, controversy, dispute, bad ideas, endless me-me-me selfies that make one want to throw up (sorry to use that phrase – I can’t think of one that describes the feeling in a more pleasant way), relentless random inaneness, slander – the whole thing being addictive as we diligently – whether we want to or not – compare ourselves to others which inevitably leads to unhappiness (a scientific study had determined that people are less happy using Facebook – what a surprise – I love the way it always takes a bazillion $$$ study to tell us what common sense would have already told us).

Let’s start connecting with and serving our parents, families, neighbours, close friends and church – not random people 1000’s miles away

So should Christians really stop using Facebook? Yep I think so. Most of it – 99% of it is worldly trash and bears no good fruit – no not even the endless debates that The Bible tells us to avoid but Christians seems to conveniently forget as debating is ‘fun’ – the tree originally being a seedy hot-or-not site now disguised as a better way to ‘connect’ everyone together.

Yes – Facebook connects all the wrong people together when you consider The Bible tells us to connect and care for and serve our neighbours, and says nothing about wasting away the hours and days and years of our precious lives connecting with people 1000’s miles away we never see in real life, or can look after with anything other than lip service. But then lip service is what the Devil is all about. Sorry to be a miserable party pooper, but I think it’s time we all accepted this huge waste of our time and service and life for what it is – and leave Facebook.

What About The God of The Old Testament Using Violence?

In the Old Testament God used people to exact judgement on people who’s sin had reached the point of no return. And let’s never forget the continuous judgement and suffering God exacted on His own people for being continuously disobedient that some say continues to this day. The same thing that happened to Israel’s enemies happened to them under their own God! Again – let’s never forget that as demonstrated in The Bible, judgement begins at the house of God.

But in the New Testament we notice a distinct lack of violence – almost a better way shown and modelled by Jesus. So God appears like a fickle parent to change His mind and stop doing violence in The new Testament. Yes God does appear to stop using violence in Jesus altogether. No so fast. Out of nowhere and blind-siding the Jews who were expecting a conqueror, we do see one act of terrible violence allowed and therefore in a sense perpetrated by God himself, a quite a grisly and cruel act, and to add insult to injury – a violent act perpetrated on someone innocent of any crime.

We see this when God proves to us that He alone is the prefect and just judge and took the judgement set aside for all of us, Jews and gentiles himself and allowed the violence that we deserve to fall on His own head. I’ll let a young ex-muslim converted to Christianity explain it better than I can (I urge you to watch the entire video if you want to hear jaw-dropping muslim response to the claim that Islam is a religion of peace).