Cook Red Meat Above 70 to Avoid Carcinogenic Viruses

It’s been known for a long time that several viruses play a part in the formation of cancer in humans. In beef, polyoma viruses has been discovered that can survive cooking and pasteurisation. To avoid the negative effects of the carcinogenic virus found in burger or bovine meat, make sure a) you don’t over-cook any meat by burning it (whilst carbon is not dangerous, the by-products formed by burning meats especially with barbecuing, causes the formation of carcinogens) and b) equally, as the title of this article suggests, under cooking it – or to be more specific, cooking the meat under 70 degrees will not fully deactivate the carcinogenic effects of the known carcinogenic viruses that are in bovine meat.

The safest way to cook meat is to boil, stew or steam at high temperatures for a considerable time to avoid the burning effects of frying and grilling. Regarding The most dangerous way to eat meat is to eat a constant level of a given dangerous product for many years and constantly expose your system and organs to it. Much better to mix and vary your food more like scavenging and eat fruits and vedge along side meat to minimise negative it’s effects. See the video below for full explanation of how to stop the effects of the polyoma virus in beef.

What Does a Real Man Look Like?

Does a real man look like the weasel-men we see on the news, that strangely always seem to occupy the highest places (or not so strangely when we read the Bible), or the glamorous film actors who pretend for a living, or the lurid rock and pop stars we see always seeking ways to be more shocking and gain more attention than their teen idols, or the lying, narcissistic politicians that dodge, swerve, smile sweetly, love the sound of their own voices, play dumb, evade, play dumb some more and never answer a question directly, in order to get, and hold onto their power and prestigious positions at any cost whatsoever? Or is are the real men the name it and claim it prosperity preachers we see leading super churches and driving BMWs? There are a lot of role models for us and our kids to choose from for sure.

Well let me suggest in my humble opinion what a real role model should look like – and I don’t think I’m being over the top in making a big deal about this – it really is something we all need to grasp in our  modern self-obsessed culture. Below is a what a real man looks and sounds like. Yes, he is being forced into facing the full reality of life and death head-on and becoming even more of a real man by his dire circumstances as you will hear – but he was a real man before his health problems started because he searched for truth and loves God, and I have watched him carefully for several years and been constantly inspired and amazed at his bright, honest, truth seeking personality.

So I won’t go on any more, I’ll just let Nabeel and his video speak for itself. Frankly it puts me to shame and hence I want to inspire and encourage you all with his message of hope and love and staying faithful in the face of adversity and his case possible death. God bless you all:)

Which Foods Have The Best Anti-Cancer Properties?

This guy at has nothing to sell and looks at any REAL studies he can get his hands on – not done by big-pharma companies or people who have received ‘back-handers’ as is the case with so many medical studies these days (statins being an example of this fudging of data or at least interpreting ‘economically’), but independently. In other words the studies are non-money driven and take an honest look at which foods really help and which don’t. The results are often surprising and not what you would expect. Take a look at this video and be sure to check out the many others he has done.

Is Milk Really So Good For You?

For years doctors told us smoking was good for us – and specifically for the lungs! Clearly nowadays, with so much information and studies at our fingertips we need to hold what we are told lightly – and extra lightly with so the many Youtube ‘experts’ spouting all kinds of nonsense to sell us the same.

I personally was prescribed a steroid Asthma inhaler pump for several years by the chief asthma nurse at my local practice only to have my suspicions confirmed years later that I never needed one in the first place and simply had G.E.R.D which was causing an incessant cough! This is where inhaled stomach acid irritates the lungs and upper respiratory tract (caused by a hiatus hernia). Hmm.. and I also found out later doctors receive money and ‘perks’ for ‘diagnosing’ and prescribing such medicines, but I doubt there is a connection;)

We should clearly be not only listening to our doctors but doing our own research in this day and age on information (or sadly often misinformation) wherever we can to backup or falsify the many claims put out there. I was going to say take advice with a pinch of salt but that would probably be unwise. Anyway – check out this video for some interesting REAL studies on milk – crucially not sponsored by the Milk Board. I’m no veggie – but you might also want to check out his videos on real studies on meat and wether or not we are all doomed if we don’t eat it – again – not sponsored by the Meat Marketing Board! There is a lot of tweaking the ‘facts’ its seems where there  is big money to be made.

God’s Method Staying of Healthy is The Best Method

This guy is fantastic! He doesn’t have any fancy pills, half stuffed with chalk with almost none of the supposed ‘active’ ingredient in to sell you, and he’s not being paid by some drug company to push a drug or product – he just analyses the many hundreds of studies on natural foods and their health benefits and negatives (of processed foods) and and that the drug and phrama companies would prefer you didn’t see (since they would rather you stayed ill to keep selling you sticking plasters for the problem) and presents it to you plain and simple – no frills – just the facts.

Granted there are some instances where we can get so sick only a stack of heavy-duty pills will get rid of the nasty thing that is now killing us so we can perhaps have a second chance and start eating healthy again. But how about not letting things get to that stage in the first place? Watch and enjoy the great ideas he will give you to stay healthy naturally.