Is Climate Change Real?

Of course it is, God made it that way. Every day I look outside my window I see wind, rain, hot days and cool days, cold months and sweltering hot months, hot years and cool years, warm decades and cooler ones. When I was a kid in the 1970s, my school teachers were telling us we were in for another ice-age if we did not stop pollution – oh yes – this is REALLY what they were telling us 6-year-olds back in 1977. But you can’t find any information on this for love nor money on the web.

Of course climate change is real

And then there was the change from ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change’ as if that alone is not enough to raise eyebrows amongst everyone – scientist or not, but of course this was done because they too recognised that even though the temperature may be rising over all (or not as the case may be) the word ‘warming’ should never be applied to this subject as even they recognise it’s not continuously warming and that there are times of cooling in between.

It should always be ok to question – science is not consensus, assumption or voting

And then we know that The Thames River in London just a few hundred years ago was practically continuously covered in ice for some time – things were cooler, and now the climate has changed. So am I a climate change denier? No – the climate is always changing. So for me the jury is out – not least because I am not a scientist and do not have access to of means to really understand the science. So I’ll keep my mouth shut on whether or not the whole thing is baloney and just add that in a 1975 interview, Margaret Thatcher – love her or hate her – warned us about the new tide of consensus taking precedence over what is actually fact or fiction. In other words, if enough people think something is right – it is – a ridiculous concept but one that seems to be happening here. Jesus said the gate to truth is always narrow so whilst that may not apply here we should at least head her warning at the least.

We need to listen to both sides

But what happens when a really clever scientist – one who does understand the figures, and the funding of climate research says we need not to assume that the scientists or the science is always correct? Even I know assumptions are not science, and that proof is actually not possible in most cases – only a best estimate based on the numbers and evidence. And often what is ‘proved’ in science turns out to be ‘disproved’ later. Well such a man is in the video posted below. Whatever the truth – we all need to look after the planet period, but be careful not worship it.

Founder of Weather Channel questions climate change

So I am not able to say one way or the other. I do know that vast amounts of money changes hands in this field between companies, scientific research centres (and probably politicians) and more and more will be doing so as climate change becomes a bigger and bigger field of research, and industry gets more and more involved with solving the ‘problem’. See what you make of the scientist below and as ever I suggest watching not just this, but videos by those saying the opposite, and those in between. After all we Christians should never fear and embrace the truth – whichever side the chips fall, even when its not we want to hear.

How To Tell Which Politicians are Honest and Genuine and Which are Not

Ever wanted to know which politicians are telling the truth as they see it, or to the best of their knowledge at least, and which are plain liars, fake, falsify truth and are dishonest to themselves and others? It seems that most voters don’t care – and are more interested in the veneer and the ‘speak’ rather than the integrity of the person. This is how they sometimes get away with the unthinkable and often what the every day person would never get away with. In any case, why is the question in politics always reduced to the false idea of left or right, and not wrong or right?

Real and convicted or fake and phony?

But is this even remotely possible to tell which politicians are honest and which are fake careerists or somewhere in between? It is actually I believe. All we need to do – though it can be quite a long process to watch all the necessary videos, is to watch the amazing YouTube channel of a body language expert pick apart interviews on our loved and loathed politicians. You know – the eye movements, eye contact, twitches and sitting position etc.

This expert is careful to point out that body language analysis is not an exact science – but it is a great indicator and can be very accurate

As it happens, most of the conclusions this body language expert comes to – and I must point out that by her own admission they are her opinions on these politicians – match my gut instincts on all the folks she analyses. Does that mean I have what the Bible calls the gift of discernment?.. I’m not sure, but either way, her body language videos are a must watch for anyone that is serious about voting in politicians and members of congress and leaders that are honest, or at the very least believe in what they say, regardless of whether what they are saying is the best policy.

At least we can use this resource (for perhaps as long as they are unaware such channels exist!) to see who has at the least – conviction, and who is just an actor – or a mix of both, and to what extent. Anyway enough of this, here’s the channel. Bookmark it and anytime you want to know what a particular person is really like underneath their political veneer or not as the case may be.

Bombard’s Body Language Channel analyses politicians & celebrities >>

Elvis Autograph? Proof He Really Must be Alive!

OK this is a little off-topic, but I came across an article on BBC today that said a book was being actioned with Elvis’ ‘autograph’ on it. Now I happen to have a good knowledge of all things Elvis as I grew up listening to him, have read several books on his life, music and foibles, and am even partial to the odd karaoke impression (odd being the operative word).

I hate to see people being fleeced

The thing is, am I going nuts, or am I seeing something that no one has spotted? Elvis was sighted and photographed carrying a copy of the book in question to be auctioned in 1976 (Google it) and the book or a similar copy that also passed through his hands is said to have been autographed by him for someone or something or other.

Am I going nuts or is this thing a fake?..

The problem is (unless I am dafter than I thought) that on the opposite side of the page where Elvis has ‘signed’ the book – are printed a list of ‘also available’ movies – several of which were not even written when the singer was alive (he died in 1977) – let alone made into films! For example The Final Conflict was written in 1980 and came out as a bad film in 1981.

But I’m sure I have got this all wrong – and someone somewhere will correct me on my belief that this ‘Elvis Presley autograph’ is a very possibly fake. Either way I just sent a note to the auctioneers as I hate to see people fleeced and thought I might spare someone some embarrassment if nothing else. Here is the article;

Here is the wikipedia article that gives the dates of the also available ‘films’;


From xyz & Son (the auctioneer house)
20:43 (20 minutes ago)
to me

Dear Edward,
Thank you for that, I will withdraw it and return it to the owner.

Kind Regards



So there you have it. There was I wondering if there was any point in letting the auctioneer know – and by doing so it looks like I may have saved him, or the potential buyer a few thousand quid!

Is Milk Really So Good For You?

For years doctors told us smoking was good for us – and specifically for the lungs! Clearly nowadays, with so much information and studies at our fingertips we need to hold what we are told lightly – and extra lightly with so the many Youtube ‘experts’ spouting all kinds of nonsense to sell us the same.

I personally was prescribed a steroid Asthma inhaler pump for several years by the chief asthma nurse at my local practice only to have my suspicions confirmed years later that I never needed one in the first place and simply had G.E.R.D which was causing an incessant cough! This is where inhaled stomach acid irritates the lungs and upper respiratory tract (caused by a hiatus hernia). Hmm.. and I also found out later doctors receive money and ‘perks’ for ‘diagnosing’ and prescribing such medicines, but I doubt there is a connection;)

We should clearly be not only listening to our doctors but doing our own research in this day and age on information (or sadly often misinformation) wherever we can to backup or falsify the many claims put out there. I was going to say take advice with a pinch of salt but that would probably be unwise. Anyway – check out this video for some interesting REAL studies on milk – crucially not sponsored by the Milk Board. I’m no veggie – but you might also want to check out his videos on real studies on meat and wether or not we are all doomed if we don’t eat it – again – not sponsored by the Meat Marketing Board! There is a lot of tweaking the ‘facts’ its seems where there  is big money to be made.

Peaceful Majorities: Do They Matter?

We all know that most people in the world – whatever ideologies they adhere to or are part of, either because of circumstance or birth (including the more militant ideologies) are decent, upstanding and peaceful people, with no desire to hurt others around them. However, this ‘peaceful majority’ argument is often trotted out by the (usually ignorant of the facts of these ideologies) politically correct folk, and often by the adherents of those ideologies themselves, as a reason not get ourselves too concerned about the minority who would do these things and seek to harm others to propagate their cause, and is used as a smokescreen to cause those of us that are ignorant of what’s really going on and written in the texts of these ideologies to remain asleep and assume all is well and there is really nothing to worry about. As if by simply existing, the peaceful majority somehow cancels out the threat of the non-peaceful minority.

Well, like Bill Still – the maker/uploader of this video, I won’t attempt to explain how this works any further – except to say that one thing history should have taught us over and over but that we fail to recognise, is that the peaceful majority may be far less important than we think, but will let someone who is actually from a region of the world particularly relevant to this issue, and who grew up and experienced first hand what it is like to live under these ideologies explain for us. Watch the video here.