Bitcoin is Just a Bubble! So’s My Whole Life!

Q: is Bitcoin a bubble?

Everything we do – day to day – moment to moment – our jobs – our families – our cars – our wealth – our house – our heath – the stocks we’ve gambled on (come on let’s call the stock exchange the giant casino for grown-ups what it really is) – it’s ALL a bubble that the Bible promises one day will be burst.

So yes – Bitcoin may well be a bubble – but it does have some interesting difference to other financial bubbles – namely – if it becomes the currency of all currencies – then it’s one that may never burst. But whatever – everything is a bubble in this world – period – except Christ!

So let’s forget the bubbles and concentrate on what God told us to concentrate on; loving Jesus, caring for our neighbours with something other than lip-service, looking after our families and learning how to be good stewards of all the little bubbles we have been given to take care of – so that when all is said and done God will reward us with all things bubble-proof!

Want to invest in Bitcoin before the universe bursts?

Before that happens as the Bible promises – you can invest in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies here >>

(and don’t panic – it’s not The Mark of the Beast – how do we know – because the Bible tells us in crystal clear terms; namely we can still buy and sell in a myriad of other ways and The Mark will be the ONLY means to buy and sell)

God bless you all today:)

What is Bitcoin?

Don’t Put Your Faith In Cryptos or Gold

The folks on the web are partly right when they say this. But they are wrong to say we can avoid all things relating to the beast system – because it’s impossible for one – and two we are already in it – in our work (there is no clean form of business of commerce – it’s all tainted like all people and all churches). But in the main – yes we must work to reform ourselves and the world and come out of her.

But – in IMHO it is OK to buy a bit of Gold – or a few cryptos so you have something to spend when they have abolished all cash – coming soon. You already have cash right?.. and I promise that was not Jesus invention. Having said that – DON’T make gold or cryptos your salvation or believe it will save you when the stuff really hits the fan. The Bible expressly says that gold and silver will be trash in the end of end days. Please feel free to correct me – and I mean that as I see through a glass darkly I’ll be the first to admit. In between time though – we have a chance to carry on living and serving others.

I believe as the bible indicates, we should be practical and give ourselves some time to get organised and do things that perhaps give us time to get off-grid should things go belly up for Christians which at some point they inevitably will. Hopefully we’ll all he airlifted out – but I don’t personally subscribe to that doctrine – taking Jesus’ experience on the cross, and endless messages on the absolute necessity for us to suffer for the truth – and promise of it – if nothing else as a witness to others for their salvation, and him commanding us to pick up our crosses.

Watch Out for Bank Issued Crypto Currencies & Digital Money Coins

The banks are already calling crypto-currencies the work of the Devil – whilst laughably behind closed doors scrambling to catch up with the clever folks that invented it to create their own – and surprise – commandeering some of those same clever folks that invented the decentralised versions to do it – kind of going against the whole point of getting away from the banks centralised money system in the first place.

No laughing matter

But it’s not really a laughing matter. The problem that the masses have to the banks advantage, which they will exploit to the full, is that buying crypto-currencies are still only available to anyone who understands and how to buy and maintain them safely (if you do understand it you can invest in some here. See Bitcoin’s value/track record here).

If the banks hate it – there must be something good about it!

But watch out – when the central banks, JP Morgan and the rest soon offer their own ‘alternative’ digital crypto-currency – they will promise to solve the current main ‘problem’ of stolen crypto-currencies by offering to underwrite any stolen from digital wallets – as well as a whole host of other tricks to get the masses to adopt their wallet – which will likely be a ‘hardware/safe’ wallet under the the skin to buy and sell.

The crypto-warriors think they’ve won – but are up against super-rich banks who’ve cottoned on and are now buying up gold so they can win with a new (pretend) gold standard attached to their cryptos (my guess as their next move:)

So I kind of laugh a bit when I see all these young – and it has to be said – geniuses in their basements – and even super-geniuses like John Macaffe who is far more knowledgable or academic than me – and does have an incredible amount of amazing information on the subject to help us with – but who perhaps whilst having all the knowledge, does not have the wisdom of the Bible under his heavy-weight belt – saying that we have somehow beaten the banks. Is he kidding? – the banks will stop at nothing to maintain their power over money and here’s how hey will do it.

The fact is – that the crypto-illiterate and scared of losing their money masses will eventually migrate to and naturally adopt what they think is the safest crypto – as only the banks can (pretend) to offer a ‘safe’ wallet and form of digital currency as they have the power to to pay back any money stolen from digital wallets (and John Mcaffee says money will be stolen).

Listen up crypto-programers – if you want your cryptos to win over the banks – take a little % of the transaction fees and use it to underwrite any lost/stolen cash! You heard it here first!

Of course – adopting the bank’s cryptos will come at the TOTAL loss of our freedom – as once cash is gone and we’ve given our buying and selling over to the banks completely – forever – there is nothing about us (with blockchain) they will not know. And then once Jamie Demon – sorry Dimon has further demonised the decentralised currencies and the public consent to the government making it illegal – they will have won.

That’s my two crypos-worth, and fits perfectly with what the Bible says but as I always say I could be wrong and may have missed something:)

“And he caused all… …to receive a mark in their right hand or forehead… …without which (ID/digital hardware wallet under skin whereby your money cannot be stolen) no man could buy or sell.”

Why Crypto-Currencies Will Eventually Come Under Governmet Rule

A new world currency was predicted (or foretold) by 1988 Economist Magazine – note the date on the coin – 2018!

The whole point of a crypto-currency is to get away from corruption and scamming bankers and usury and extortion etc by it’s users remaining anonymous – ooops. Great idea – the only problem is – that untold criminals will now be able to carry out business even more easily – and the corrupt bankers are using this to try and crush cryptos – can now use this as their reason to get the help they need from the governments to do it.

So really the inventors – extremely clever as they clearly are in terms of coding – didn’t think it through properly if they want it to succeed longterm and get away from corruption. Sure they will get away from one form – but human heart The Bible tells us is evil – so unless they are very careful the banksters – dodgy as they are themselves – are right about how this may be used improperly (it’s a joke really as they are telling us that they are clean – what a larf!).

To be more precise, all transactions will come under the coming ‘autonomous’ and AI-‘brain’ controlled blockchain to be seen as unbiased and ‘fair’ free from human corruption. Problem is – someone or group, will have the keys to it!

Crypto-currency transactions need to be un-anonymous (at least viewable to the ‘privacy decentralised’ AI-Brain – that ironically will be controlled by a person or group of humans:) – in order to grain credibility and give the bankers no excuse to get rid of – or control it as China have just done. In the meantime, investing in cryptos may be a spanner in the globalists plan and a short term bet against the banksters taking over every transaction on planet earth as fast as they thought, may be quite a sensible one.

The best answer to the worlds problems is self-regulation – individuals knowing and subscribing to the ten commandments, being law-abiding and looking after their neighbours – not enforced mass-regulation. No wonder the commandments have systematically been removed everywhere in preparation for people accepting the latter as the only workable means of removing corruption

But let’s not pretend – it is a bet investment – and the only type I would ever do – and not too much – since unlike a lottery ticket, it is slightly more than money for money’s sake, but the hope that cryptos may actually be a good way to get freedom from banks for at least some time to come. For how long no one knows, as even the Bible says at some point – one person or ‘image’ will have power over all transactions – cryptos or blockchains or whatever.

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the grandfather of what are called ‘cryptocurrencies’. These are new ways to store value other than gold and other common stores of wealth in digital form. The main difference between these and what you store in the bank (this is now just digital numbers on the bank’s server and not just notes) and the idea is these cryptos are accepted forms of payment in more and more places and become full blown currencies in their own right. The fact is – it is a form of bet – but unlike gambling which I hate – it’s a bet against the privately owned central banks that infinitely print and lend money out at extortionate rates – and becomes a widely used currency.

Is Bitcoin legitimate?

It is as legitimate as people want it to be – that is – if people value storing their own money in this digital form on their own computer or device – over storing it on the banks computer as digits (where the money will then be traded with what is effectively your free loan to them) then yes. Remember currency is only what people perceive and agree to be valuable and to date, people have chosen to put their faith in cash which is supposed to be backed by gold – though as we know now this is often not the case and central banks print money and loan it at interest from thin air) hence the explosion of ‘bank-independent’ currencies.

Will it fail as an idea?

Not if allowed to remain independent from governments (John Mcafee – master anti-virus software guru, says here is absolutely no way any government can stop cryptos from flourishing and rising exponentially as the so-called ‘bubble’ model in this case no longer applies since there is a limited supply of each of these crypto coins unlike traditional cash – but I am waiting on that one, as I believe where banks are involved – they will stop at nothing to retain their monopoly on currencies – but John is a real genius and could be right).

Where can I buy Bitcoin?

If you want to buy some Bitcoin, or Etherium, or Litecoin – you can here.