How is it Fair That God Chose Israel?

I often hear it said; why are the Israelites so special?.. and that surely they can’t be singled out as God’s ‘special race’ as God is a just and fair God. And after all, they are far from perfect as we have seen not only from history but candidly from the Bible itself! Therefore it must be time to hand over the mantle of being the ‘chosen people’ to a more deserving people – or at least share it around a little. The problem with this in my opinion from what I read in The Bible, is that it makes some wrong assumptions, and then completely misses the whole point of God’s plan. Here are some of those wrong assumptions as I see it (feel free to correct me:), often made regarding God’s way of choosing both people and nations;

  1. God chose them because they are good.
    If God only chose people or nations based on their ‘goodness’ no nation or person would ever qualify to be chosen – unless of course course you had some kind of sliding scale of goodness – which Jesus told us clearly does not exist when it comes to God’s estimate of weather or not a person is ‘good’ or not – we are all sinners and in need of grace and saving. The thing is, this applies not only to people – but nations too. And so we see Israels’ stubborn sinfulness all through the Bible. So they were clearly not chosen for being good. This is why people should think very carefully about taking the law into their own hands and going against Israel because of bad deeds they may have done or be doing – because God’s choosing it not about them or their goodness, it’s about Him and His goodness and just as importantly – Him fulfilling His covenant (which unliuke a contract cannot be broken by God), despite their sinfulness. And I say this is because of my next point.
  2. It’s not fair that I/we were/are not the chosen people.
    First off, its for the potter to do as He wishes with the clay – but granted, that could be deemed by as unfair. When I get a bit jealous that I was not one of the ‘chosen’ people of Israel, I always remind myself that Judgement starts at the house of God, so I believe anyone who may feel a pang of jealously at God choosing Israel needs to actually thank God that they were not chosen, and that they have in many ways a more lenient and easier way to enter heaven, whereby God allows them to be grafted in and enter the kingdom by simply accepting His sacrifice of himself on the alter of all people’s and nations’ sins.
  3. It makes no sense for God to only choose 1 people. 
    No it doesn’t. It’s the method that would be required by God to demonstrate His power to the world. But why? Because God is going to show that DESPITE the people who He choses bad deeds and forgetfulness of Him – He will personally show His power and majesty by delivering this stubborn and often extremely unholy people.  In many ways we ‘unchosen’ ones are ironically blessed NOT to have been the chosen like Israel in the Bible, and that we have been handed for free – what the Israelites were offered for obedience, without 100’s of heavy burdensome Jewish laws to keep on pain of death. We simply hear and believe in Jesus teaching and death, burial and resurrection and do our best to keep His less burdensome laws (10 commandments) and he will redeem and purify us enough to enter heaven! I’m sure that is the better deal!
  4. Why would God bless any-one or nation who do bad things?
    Let any nation or person that commits no evil cast the first stone. God has clearly and graciously blessed all of us – Jews and gentiles, and often nations regardless of their sins. We all have been thrown a lifeline and pardon for paying the penalty of our sins in Jesus! God obviously cannot choose to bless on their righteousness alone, or no-one or nation would be blessed. He choses to bless a nation or a person despite their sin, and it’s His prerogative alone. It’s not about Israel – it’s about God foretelling the future, and then fulfilling that prophecy to show that He alone is the God true God because He alone is the only God that tells us ahead of time what is going to happen. Regardless of all the wars and despite all the sins on both sides – it’s about God and His power to keep His promise in spit of sin! And God needs to chose someone, through which to show this power, and He did that way back at the start of The Old Testament. I thank God I do not have to wander 40 years in a literal wilderness in order to get my blessing!
  5. The Jewish people are not good enough to be chosen.
    It’s true that Jesus made no bones about the Pharisees and Scribes – in fact he hated them because of their evil practices in stitching people up and putting ordinary folk in unending bondage. Instead of delivering the liberating message of the love of God, it was all one-sided, with them in control of their ‘un-learned’ subjects. But here’s the point. Ignoring those Rabbis and religious ‘teachers’ (who I would avoid asking advice from in any case since it is clear that being blinded by their own arrogance and pride in being chosen by God, missed the suffering Messiah altogether in the first place – expecting him to be a conqueror, having no understanding of the importance and what it means that God chose to serve us in Jesus) I have actually met Israeli people and they are the most beautiful people I have ever met. I’ll tell you one story. I was once in Israel with three friends and we had cycled for hours and run out of food, water and cash and it was a scorching day. We cam across a small bakery hoping we could buy some water and a few small items with the pennies we had left but I was amazed at what happened. The store owners saw we had a problem and welcomed us in with smiles and asked us to choose whatever we wanted from the counter! You would be hard pressed for an Englishman or store to do this. It seems to be all ‘Israelis’ including the people themselves that seem to get all the flack on the news, when they are not who Jesus Christ had a problem with. The problem he had was with the arrogant and religious teachers who were obsessed with genealogies and bloodlines and therefore being somehow ‘better’ – ie race – something Jesus told us to pay NO attention to, since there is actually no such thing as ‘race’ in reality, and it is merely a distraction of the Devil. Not only have scientists proved that are ALL of us mixed to one degree or other genetically (so none of us is ethnically ‘pure) Jesus told us clearly – “we are all of one blood” (Adam and Eve).

The irony is that now as then, the Jewish Rabbis and teachers assume they are chosen and defended by God because they are special, exceptionally good (somewhat understandably – as who wouldn’t get slightly too pleased with themselves with words like ‘chosen’ applied to them?) which only goes to illustrate and prove what man’s entire problem has been from the beginning is in a nutshell – pride – the problem that started in the Garden!

The truth is they as we, are defended by God because He is special and despite our sins, only because despite their sins, their hearts, unlike many their enemies, still had not completely turned away from Him and their was still a tiny shard of light and living water able reach their hearts. No matter what – He will prove His power and deliver this ungodly and complaining people, and in the same way will redeem us if we remain in the vine and facing Him – ie still able to drink from the stream of living water, and eventually make us all of us who want Him in our lives holy in His time and His glory.

So when we bless Israel or not, I believe we should first be thinking and asking who this is really all about? It’s about God! Below is a pretty good guide to understanding exactly why – and why not – the Jews may be special or chosen.


Is The Bible Racist? What About Ethnicity in the Bible?

The Bible is accused sometimes as being racist. So just to quickly clear this issue up using text from the Bible itself, what does the Bible actually say about ancestors – i.e the thing that may or may not show us wether it really is or sin’t racist. God says in The Bible says;

“avoid genealogies”

…and goes on to suggest at all costs, and that circumcision (a symbolic action in old times) is really of the heart and spirit, not of the flesh that makes one a Jew in God’s eyes – meaning – the thing that makes you a child of God is a spiritual circumcision – and again – why should it be any other way. So in the Bible, it doesn’t matter where your ancestors are from – and of course – why should it!

So what is really racist?

Anyone, any ideology or any religion that bangs on about lineage, bloodlines or genealogies ‘cleansing’ or ‘saving’ us. Why? Because no one single person on the planet is ‘ethnically’ pure and no one should be saved because of who their parents were! It was about the heart in the Old Testament and it’s about the heart in the New Testament!

In fact the word ‘ethnicity’ almost becomes totally meaningless in real terms with all the intermarrying that goes on and has gone on for 1000s years and it always has been meaningless. And of course this, explains why some religions ideologies still obsess about not intermarrying and being the ‘true’ ‘defendants’ when it is futile from the get-go! No one is purely white, african, asian and so on.

There may be one exception to all this; the Bible could be accused of being spiritually ‘racist’ if all must in fact go through Christ to get to God, but that’s another article and of course I would not call this racist but the truth as that would be calling God racist which I would never do, and God wills that ALL men and ALL tribes to be saved and that’s what the entire gospel is all about – dying for and saving all – “the whole world.”

The Bible was right: We are ALL of one blood!

Another point is that the Jews well admit that they long ago lost the genealogies of the twelve tribes and to them this is now meaningless. You cannot tell from your genealogy whether your granddad was a liar – or a thief or an adulterer or murderer. Hence, Jesus tells us with perfect logicality; AVOID genealogies!

“For there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” 

How non-racist can one be?!!

The following video does not represent my views on replacement theology one way of the other (I am still understanding and getting to grips with what I believe on that) however, even as a child and non-Christian, I could see that ‘ethnicity’ on a government form was pretty meaningless since my ancestors would be mixed like everyone else on the planet – so at best might describe my appearance.

Thinking of Going to A Rabbi for Wisdom?

OK all our Hebrew roots friends, we all know that the Jews are the people God chose through which to demonstrate His righteousness truth, power, wisdom and love and let’s not forget judgement, but as we can see from the Bible, this didn’t make them any less righteous or ‘good’ in themselves, or any wiser than the rest of us gentiles, those to be grafted in later as Jesus was to shine an even more intense light on our sins, truth and how to live.

So if you are one of those modern Christians that is always telling people how wise the Jewish Rabbis and old testament figures were and more worryingly the Rabbis are today, here are a few applications of the hundreds of made laws that were added to God’s perfect Ten Commandments for you to peruse and wonder after, invented to ensure that the ten were never transgressed, but that in the end probably made things far more convoluted and exasperating and put the jews in a lot of bondage. Again, let’s not confuse the many added laws with the perfect and simplistic, un-burdensome, beautiful and frankly easy-to-keep 10 commandments (when everyone is committed to doing the same) from God Himself and summarised by two by Jesus into two.

Is this wisdom?

Anyway – on the Sabbath you;

  • are not allowed to pin your clothes together as that would be sowing
  • must not drag a stick in the dust on the Sabbath and make a line in the dust – you are ploughing.
  • no false teeth on the Sabbath – as this is considered carrying a burden.
  • nowadays if you get into an elevator you must not press the button as this is work – Sabbath elevators are providers that run automatically so no buttons are pressed. Alternatively you can walk up 10 flight of stairs. This of course is not seen as work!?

All this working out of exactly what the law of Moses is and how it should be applied, is still worked out today in detail. I have a feeling the original laws of Moses made much more sense than these crazy applications of those laws – even the one often cited as a bit odd – that of disallowing mixing of different clothing materials makes a lot of sense as a symbolic gesture to not mix light with dark, but these?

Either way – if they were ‘keeping’ the law such obscure and disconnected ways its very, very easy to see how they were blind when the Messiah they were expecting arrived not on a horse to conquer their enemies, but instead on a donkey crying for jerusalem. And then, he did something else. Instead of taking the road on the right (where the Romans were) he turned left to the temple and the crowd fell silent as he whipped the Jews out of the temple. Shortly after having not fulfilled any of their hopes he was handed over to the jews and the gentiles for 2 trials to be killed.

The Whole World Will Come Against Israel

The Bible tells us; “And all the world came against Israel.” Yep – according to the Bible they will… but wait, what actually is ‘Israel’? Hmm – I thought it was the state of Israel, no it’s the people of Israel, err no, actually it’s that place ‘Israel’ in the Middle East?.. oh no, now I’m confused!

And doesn’t The Bible say that; “the Antichrist made war on the saints” (specifically those that “keep the commandments of God”). So are Israel and The Saints two different things? So we know the whole world will come against Israel, but let’s have a good look at what Israel really is. David Pawson has some answers to some difficult and generally overlooked questions regarding what, and more specifically who – is Israel.

Do The Jews Have a Right to The Land of Israel and Jerusalem?

Well, I have to say my immediate opinion (and that’s what it is) on reading The Bible was yes – God promised the land to the Israelites and He’s not one to go back on His word. We also see many good Christian men and women with often convincing views on both sides of the argument. But then, after reading and watching many documentaries and videos on the subject I became unsure again – not really knowing who’s opinion to believe, and yet feeling in my spirit that whatever sins the jews have and will commit, if they are God’s people, and God promised to give them the land as it says in the Bible, it’s His prerogative.

After all – since when has God only blessed the good. As the Bible is not ashamed to go to great lengths to illustrate openly and transparently without holding anything back to make the Israelites look better than anyone else – He chose to bless the Israelites despite their faults not because they were good and who am I to argue with God?! I am not a Jew and I have no problem with what God decides. That would be like saying; “you have been blessed but give me everything you have.” No, it seems far more Godly to say; “you have been blessed and I am thankful for it. Dear God, I love please bless me also.” Did not the father in the Bible show more love to the prodigal son – the one who squandered his wealth more than the good son? God’s ways are not our ways!

But now I think the question has been answered for us very thankfully – by the Pope. Why do I say that? Because the Pope has publicly come out and said he believes that; “The Jews have no right to the land of Israel or Jerusalem.” Thank you Pope. Having studied Catholicism’s history, now I believe finally, I and everyone else can probably know definitively what the answer to this question is. I have taken into account of the words of a Pope far more learned in the history of the word than me.

But as I always say, I and others may be wrong (we have all believed in something 100% only to find out later with more information that we were mistaken or misinformed right?) so do your own research into the history of Israel, The Israelites, Palestine and the so-called Palestinians to see if they were ever a nation or not – or if in fact and some say that they were a mix from other nations. I do not want to sway you with ‘opinion’ so I’ll leave it to you to decide which side of the argument I have fallen on.