Why Are Banks Able to Lend 10X The Money They Actually Own?

They call it rather nicely ‘fractional reserve lending’ and it used to be illegal because it appears our rulers were more honest once upon a time and saw it for what it was – a con. So the answer is, I don’t know (well I do – it’s something to do with people in high places colluding and profiteering).

But it’s still frankly unbelievable that a privately owned bank is able to lend money it doesn’t have, and nothing short of allowing them to counterfeit money. Yes they dress it all up in complicated jargon as to why it’s OK and tell us they have all sorts of ‘measures’ in place to stop runs on banks and underwrite people should there be a problem but here’s the bottom line; if you put money in a bank it’s technically no longer yours should they wish or need to keep it for some reason – it’s all in the small print that none of us read. If you don’t believe it – please do your own research.

And as we see this happens more and more where the banks just ‘steal’ peoples cash and shut ATMs. How can they do this? Because it’s in the small print so technically not theft! But of course that’s all it is. In my book I don’t care what small print you write so that people will not be aware of what you may do to them and their money – if you are not open, up front and transparent and make people aware of the fact I just made you aware of above by cloaking it in tonnes of tiny text – you are a tea-leaf – a pick-pocket by omission – or should I just cut the small print and jargon, be transparent and say a thief!

I mean think of it, if you or I were allowed to lend money we didn’t have – we could be rich too right!? OK so why are banks allowed to do this and no one else? Simple – because by allowing them to lend money they don’t have and profit from it – they can stay richer – stay banks, and this stops you or I or any other kind of high street store, organisation or company from becoming a lender and getting involved in this racket and shrink their profits. Why?.. because we could never offer such competitive lending rates so we would get nowhere.

But what’s wrong with letting banks lend money they don’t actually have in the vaults or own at all? Everything! If it were a state bank – that printed its own money and managed it carefully and responsibly (like any bank would actually do that) then I can see an argument for this, but a very flimsy one as why should any organisation lend money it doesn’t have period?.. it’s a recipe for disaster as at some point the borrowers will come at once.

But here’s what’s really wrong with it – it keeps all of us perpetually in high levels of debt while these PRIVATE banks cream (steal to be precise) yours and my money – that’s why. No private company – and that’s what banks are should be able to say “ahh… let me lend you money I don’t have oh and by the way – I want you to pay it back at 15% interest – because we can – and because we are allowed to make up digits and you aren’t.” It’s utterly rediculous. But of course this will never change since the Bible clearly says; the love of money is THE root of all evil and it’s not wrong!

There Is Treasure in The Field – but You Have to Dig

Why is treasure treasure in the first place? Because whilst there may be a map that points you in the right direction, it’s exact whereabouts is not known. Treasure is by it’s nature something that has been seen, handled and owned by only a few.

Jesus said you can have it… but what makes us think the treasure he offers is any different to that buried in a vast field, that can only be found by hours and sometimes years of digging – of trial and error – or seeking earnestly?

Just like an employer does not want to employ someone in his vineyard that has not first made an effort to show a real desire to be a good servant by researching his wine company and knowing all he can about the job prior to his interview – so Jesus expects us to study to sow ourselves approved and fit to work in his vineyard.

God Never Intended Any Man to be a King

Why? Because we all know that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Therefore anyone who has absolute power must be perfect – and Jesus said; “There is none good but God.” Do you think his point here was to tell us this?”

I would also add that we need to question those that claim Jesus is not God incarnate – God who the Bible says is spirit – in a fleshly vessel! Can any mere man rule perfectly as Islam and the Jewish religion – Judaism are hoping and expecting? I think probably not. (If you did not realise that the Jews and Islamic believers alike are not expecting God incarnate as their messiah but a man – hence their annoyance at Jesus when he said; “I am.” – please study this yourself).

Jesus said; “There is no love greater than a man lays down his life for his brother.”  This is what God inspired men to write in the Bible. So we think that then God – the perfect just judge wouldn’t demonstrate this himself – he wouldn’t see it necessary and just to not just to call us to do as I say, but do as I do – wouldn’t God then need to become a man in order to fulfil this statement? You decide.

God Is a Capitalist

The 10 commandments pre-suppose that property can be private. And this is clearly seen in the command; “Thou shalt not steel” since one cannot steal something that does not belong to someone.

Socialism in my view, is theft. It is pre-supposing that it is OK to take something that belongs to someone who worked for it and give it to someone that didn’t work for it. That is stealing.

Now, of course there are people who cannot work, or who are disabled but nowhere in the Bible does it say we cannot employ charity… i.e give freely our wealth to others when we see a need – but it is never to be taken by force. God is a gentleman in all ways including in financial matters! The truth is we are commanded to give cheerfully and freely – totally at odds with the take and re-distribute model that control freaks and tyrannical governments like to employ whilst all the time they live lives of total luxury.

In fact, that is why many countries have a safety net – a financial level if under which any faind themselves, they are helped. Now this is a good thing to spend some of our tax money on but NOT to make a law to simply take it and redistribute it. No – we men are to redistribute our wealth to our families and it is not for the government to intervene in family life unless we are breaking a good honest law.

This kind of institution to stop people falling into dire poverty is a godly one. And within that is always the possibility to excel and lift yourself and others into a better life.

You Cannot Be Charitable Without Some Kind of Capital

You cannot give unless you have something you own to give. You cannot be charitable, unless you have something that is of value to give that you would rather hold on to. The anti-capitalism youth of today are like feminists, simply rebelling against the abuse of what was originally a good institution put there for our and their good. In the feminists case it is also mixed with rebellion against modern men that are simply not the men at all that God describes in the Bible in the form of Jesus – the one who we are to model ourselves after.

Jesus was tenacious, physically tough, honest, caring, sincere, protective, hard-working, self sacrificing. And most men today don’t even know what these virtues are. Love today is a preference for ice-cream of Britney Spears – not serving others.

There Won’t be any Business Deals in Heaven

Are you a successful business man?.. you are… thats’s great and well done. Make sure enjoy it now while you can. The reason I say this is because in the kingdom of God – I assume you are a Christian right or you wouldn’t be reading this?.. there won’t be any business as we know it. There won’t be any big board meetings or stockholders gatherings to discuss the latest figures and profits with important people and CEOS’s. No – all this so called ‘wealth’ creation will be long done away worth and replaced by real wealth – things of real value and things that really matter.

Don’t get me wrong – we all ned money to live in this world – but then Jesus told us that his world is owned by someone other than him, and that he is not of this world and that all things shall pass away or be burned up that are not proved to be fruitful.
that are

Remember that the most noble of occupations as far as Jesus was concerned was to work with your hands and produce something of use. Surely not you say? Well don’t you think the good of the universe is a do as I do God not a do as I say God which he proved on the cross? He chose to be a carpenter not a banker. Everything Jesus did had meaning – everything he did was statement to the word. And in most cases the world turns his wisdom on its head. Jesus clearly shows us that we are never to look down on anyone – and if we are to look down on anything – it is that which is ungodly and unfruitful.

So if you are a business man and a good honest one – make sure what you do with your mind can benefit others and is done solely for the glory of God your creator.