We Can Have a Borderless World – at a Cost

Every cell in the human body has a wall around it with 1000 checks and balances to restrict or allow exactly which molecules are allowed to pass through it’s walls and which are not. This system, designed by God – the architect of the universe, was made that way for one good reason; to protect the host – the owner of the cells in a hostile environment and to do this by stopping foreign and unknown molecules that do not have the hosts best intentions, coming in from the outside and destroying the cell from within.

However it’s worth noting that the cell membrane is also designed to expressly allow the free movement of foreign entities from outside the cell, in and out. 99.9% molecules that come in from the outside come from the body itself or even another body as in reproduction, and are good and are often used by the cell to grow and divide or needed by the cell to survive.

However a tiny number of  foreign bodies will try to enter the cell do not have the hosts best interests at heart, like viruses or bacteria or poisons. So the cell has a simple choice; a) to have no call wall, and in a short time one of these entities will enter the cell and either corrupt it’s makeup, poison it or cause it to self destruct or making this cell not only a danger to other cells and uninhabitable for good foreign entities and the host body may even become useless to other hosts, or b) have a robust cell wall, but one that is able to efficiently let benign, positive and safe foreign bodies in and out freely, but at the same time a wall with a filter that is able to identify and block the 0.001% of molecules that are a danger. The fact is, if you remove your front door, no matter how many good local friends and family you have, eventually someone will come in from further afield and trash your home.

So it seems, for all the ‘bad’ we are told that walls are, that in this fallen and hostile world at least (this may change when we receive the new heaven and earth and our bodies are restored to how God originally designed them before the fall) that God actually favours borders – not to create division, but for protection, safety and survival! We see this in The Bible in Genesis with the Tower of Babel; it’s not that God doesn’t like progress, he doesn’t like too much power concentrated in too few hands as “the human heart is deceitful above all things.” This of course is not to mention the borders around our homes, our gardens, our prisons, our businesses, our banks, our schools, even the walls in our houses are needed for one very important thing; order. No one wants to get rid of those.

But back to the ‘borderless’ new world that’s coming – and foretold in the Bible. In fact, there is one way to have a world without any corruption, destruction from within, money laundering by criminals, drug dealing and so on, but this comes at a huge cost to all those people that don’t do this kind of stuff (of course as we have seen in recent months politicians are exempt from the law) so what is that cost?

That cost is that every single person on the planet must be tracked, their whereabouts known at every point and every location and during every day, and crucially, every transaction must be monitored, and it comes at what cost?… it comes at the cost of your freedom. Margaret Thatcher said in 1975; “there is such a thing as total security, but to have it you will lose your freedom.”

In the end we will all have to choose what we want (if it hasn’t already been chosen for us which is more likely the case and according to The Bible – will be the case); peace and security by minimising corruption by division of government and limiting power on a personal, business, state and country level – the way God does it in the Bible, or ‘eliminating’ corruption by total surveillance in an ‘open’ and ‘borderless’ world in which we would all be trapped at the cost of real and genuine freedom. If we choose the latter, and the Bible says we will, there will be no going back.

God Reduces Himself to The Word; Science Reduces Him To Numbers

Words we are told in the Bible contain all the power, blessings and curses in the universe. Not in an Opera Winfrey style, where we use ‘positive’ words like spells to speak prosperity on ourselves and others and avoid ‘negative’ words (often truth itself). This is clearly nonsense and the stuff God hates and the Bible describes as sorcery.

No – I mean the real words of truth, words of healing and restoration of spirit and mind – and often healing of body as a result of the former two. When we look at man, made in the image of God – we hear order in his words, we see order or chaos as a result of words he says or even leaves unsaid – and we even see word-like code in the ‘computer program’ used and admitted by scientists to be such to create the book of life – DNA.

The world is characterised by logos – the word. Now that this logos has appeared in flesh, we are simply asked; will we accept this God-man’s words as proof of God’s intelligence, truth and pre-ordained order – or reject them a false and try to reduce everything to numbers, chance and chaos?

In my book, anything obviously highly ordered such as DNA – the book-like computer code that Bill Gates – the man who wants to make us all gods in our own lunch-breaks described as “more complex than any computer program ever made by man”, has to come from intelligence and a mind – there is no alternative, regardless of the fact that have not been enough years in the existence of the cosmos for any of it to have happened by chance in the first place. The last point also tell us where and why theories such as multiple universes have come about; namely when one theory fails to disprove God’s existence – invent another. Either that or submit to the judgment of our sins by a personal God!

Are You Ready for The New ‘Morality’?

There is nothing new under the sun, and it happens to any civilisation, nation and even individual people after a long period of affluence. I believe they call it the cycle of nations – or is that civilizations?.. either way it’s the same principle and one I noticed long before I read about it in history books or on TV. The Bible also often alludes to it – King Solomon might be one example; that human nature ensures that any civilisation or nation goes through cycles of poverty – war – rebuilding – faith – wealth – arrogance – no longer need for God – corruption – fall – (that’s my own slightly modified version of the original:) We all know people that have become wealthy and somehow forgotten God in their new found independence. Nations and peoples are no different.

In affluent societies men have no need of God and begin to call good evil and evil good

Suffice to say we are just past the affluent stage and into the ‘throwing god out’ stage where people are wealthy yet society is morally beginning to crumble. It’s at this stage where many (not all of course) in government have little better to do (and get paid for) twiddling their thumbs, pondering and commissioning endless pointless studies to work out and why society is crumbling and end up making up new laws and political correct-isms to keep us all in check, when the answers are all in the Bible.

Man’s problem is himself and it’s himself he needs to keep in check by reading scriptures and pondering God and asking the Holy Spirit for guidance whom the Bible says will teach men ALL things – not some things – the real wisdoms of the ages, thousand of years of trial and error in fact – not some government commissioned poll or consensus of opinion.

‘Progressive’ is often in reality regressive in disguise

So what’s the new morality? Well if you hadn’t noticed (it’s not really new news I guess) it will be a morality of politeness, ‘niceness’ and that dreadful word designed to pit man against man – group against group, while the government leaders get away with murder – sometimes literally – ‘tolerance’ whatever that is. Truthfulness, honesty, and the plain old fear of God – well that’s all hogwash and old fashioned and regressive. Of course the tolerance will be extended to everyone – everyone except Christians. We knew it was coming and some say it’s now upon us so get ready.

The Masses Are Not Always Right

How do we know this? because we have 3 great religions filled with masses of people, and ALL are exclusive and ALL are 100% convinced they are right and ALL think the other group has got it wrong!

So why have we gone from thinking that consensus is better that conviction when it comes to deciding whether something is right? I’ll take a guess; because we do not believe it absolutes any more and morals and God have been thrown out with the bath water, so like blind animals leading the blind we are left with no option but to enforce a pseudo-peace and security on society, rather than to do what the Bible commands – for us to take responsibility ourselves for our own actions, to be repentant of our sins and to seek God on a personal level regarding our betterment and to personally take it upon ourselves to take care of our neighbours.

We are not supposed to leave it to some government. Government should be small and we the people – and the church should be the ones that take care of the vulnerable in society. This is the reason why corrupt governments always seek to ever expand – because they know a dependent society is a controllable society – which leave the career politicians to do as they wish without anyone noticing and as many backroom deals with ‘special interests’ (an awful word better  translated as ‘corrupt trade deals’) as they like.

Another thing I note is that the socialists always come out and demand the spreading of the wealth AFTER the entrepreneurs have helped to get them employment and raise their standard of living. They stand of the shoulders of hard working business men and women – granted many may have wrong motives, but many have good ones and enjoy using their talents to employ and empower others to bring them up to the ladder – when they demand that the government start robbing those same people and handing it out to not just the poor, widows and children as is right – but them.

Some accuse Margaret Thatcher of being hard and heartless. When you listen to her she is anything but and her Christian background comes through. She says she believed firmly in a ‘safety net’ for the very poor. But that we must not strangle ingenuity and business makers as they create the wealth  and jobs that are needed to bring all out of poverty. She also notes the common misconception that simply ‘taxing the rich’ – a sometimes warranted demand but but normally the mantra of jealousy – it is pointless from a monetary point of view since the super rich make up only a tiny % of the population.

Another point she makes – common sense with no economics degree required – is that the spreading of wealth can only go so far before it begins to have a negative effect on societies overall wealth and people start to become poorer. These are biblical principles; work hard – earn your money and look after the very poorest yourself – but for those that don’t work – the Bible says bluntly – they won’t don’t eat.

And like the question; what is real wealth and and how do we get it, there is the issue of what is real freedom and security. Just like ‘fixing’ the threat of poverty with socialism is just a band-aid – so is an enforced ‘freedom’ – once were we are all monitored day and night by way of political correctness and other means not a real solution to the problem. Real freedom comes to a nation when men and women on an individual basis start to know and live by the ten commandments on a personal daily basis; Do not covet, do not steal, honour they parents.

If my people…

The Bible says IF THE PEOPLE seek my face – these Bible truths cannot and will not be stopped from seeping into the culture and society, and eventually the laws and corrupt governors of the land will no longer be able to hide. Regardless the sins of men or the wrongful actions of a country’s leaders, like disinfectant, the truth affects the land, laws and law courts, so bad things and bad men are brought into the light by the unstoppable power of the simple and plain truth. But it must come from and start with the people – not the government the Bible says.

Margaret Thatcher – daughter of an English grocer, local preacher, says in perfectly in this interview;

“You can have total security without any freedom”

It has to be said, that according to Revelations, this is where the Devil is taking us and looking at recent world politics this is where we are undoubtedly heading!


Margaret Thatcher Tells us Where Real Freedom Comes From

And to think, most young folk – and older ones like my friends in their forties these days think that our freedoms come from the progression of technology. It’s worth noting that we had more technological advancements in the last century than all the others put together. But we also had more bloodshed in the last century than all the others put together. So what gives us freedom… technology or principles? Obviously the latter which are fast diminishing.

Let me throw in my ten cents to add to the source that Margaret already pointed out, they come from the incredibly simple but perfect Ten Commandments – imprinted on the hearts of men but once instilled diligently in schools, homes, churches, businesses and law courts for centuries until now where we are doing our best to remove them, and then we wonder why society is in such a mess! The problem and the solution are clear and Jesus summed these ten up in two – love God with heart mind and soul and love neighbour as self. Unfortunately today we are teaching our kids to love selfies only.