Why Banks are Just Legalised Ponzi Schemes

Have you ever asked what the credit state of your bank is?.. the one that is freely allowed to lend money at exorbitant interest to you – money they often don’t have, yet when YOU give money to them, which they can go and invest and make massive amounts of money and profit from to continue this scheme – you get nothing?!!

In other words every time you put money in your bank account, you are giving the bank an interest free loan! Can you imagine these massively rich organisations ever doing the same for you? No – that is why the bank is rich and we are not.

The fact is many of these banks do not have the money in their vaults that we put there. They have spent it into investments and bonds and other things that at any time can go bad which means they can never pay back all their small depositors (fools like me and you) should they ever need to – that friends is a legal ponzy scheme.

Which means if this happens, under their terms and conditions they do not have to give you back your money – something most people are not aware of when they give the bank money to put in their personal account – effectively it is not your account at all – technically it becomes their money! Now that’s sobering.

Why banks that practice this extortion are not allowed to go to the wall when they are not just practicing usury – but usury on steroids is a mystery, until you do what any good investigator does – follow the money! Allowing such business practices can only ever weaken a nation and god wants strong independent nations and people that are able to help their neighbours. Sound familiar?.. the Devil is described in the Bible as ‘he who weakens the nations’ and this is one of his favourite schemes to do so.

Did you know that only 150 years ago, the word ‘usury’ in the English dictionary meant; ‘interest’ – period – no more no less – lending at interest. Now, rather strangely (or not so strangely when you consider who prints the books we read) it’s been changed to mean ‘excessive interest’ – like somehow interest is now OK and god made a mistake! Interest is never OK for one simple reason; it’s profiteering without work and keeps people and countries (that should never even be borrowing from a ‘central’ bank in the first place) in perpetual debt.

Gold backed money is not enough – usury (profiting by lending at interest for essentially doing no work and producing no goods) must be stopped by both lender and borrower if countries and people are ever to be free from debt

All governments should be in charge of, and print their own money, and never be in debt to anyone – any 2 year old can tell us that. And no, a bit of admin, a huge database and clever IT system that turns all our money into virtual digits and numbers backed by nothing does not pass for ‘work’ as the banks will tell us when we give them interest free loans (our savings).

To really understand money and how we are all being systematically conned out of our hard earned cash by usury (you’ll need to work out for yourself who’s doing it but a clue might be to follow the money behind the central banks), something expressly forbidden in virtually all religions and many countries, watch the best video ever made on the subject of what money really is and isn’t, and should and should not be – and I’m not exaggerating – it’s long but it won several awards and you will never think about banks and money in the same way!

God Reduces Himself to The Word; Science Reduces Him To Numbers

Words we are told in the Bible contain all the power, blessings and curses in the universe. Not in an Opera Winfrey style, where we use ‘positive’ words like spells to speak prosperity on ourselves and others and avoid ‘negative’ words (often truth itself). This is clearly nonsense and the stuff God hates and the Bible describes as sorcery.

No – I mean the real words of truth, words of healing and restoration of spirit and mind – and often healing of body as a result of the former two. When we look at man, made in the image of God – we hear order in his words, we see order or chaos as a result of words he says or even leaves unsaid – and we even see word-like code in the ‘computer program’ used and admitted by scientists to be such to create the book of life – DNA.

The world is characterised by logos – the word. Now that this logos has appeared in flesh, we are simply asked; will we accept this God-man’s words as proof of God’s intelligence, truth and pre-ordained order – or reject them a false and try to reduce everything to numbers, chance and chaos?

In my book, anything obviously highly ordered such as DNA – the book-like computer code that Bill Gates – the man who wants to make us all gods in our own lunch-breaks described as “more complex than any computer program ever made by man”, has to come from intelligence and a mind – there is no alternative, regardless of the fact that have not been enough years in the existence of the cosmos for any of it to have happened by chance in the first place. The last point also tell us where and why theories such as multiple universes have come about; namely when one theory fails to disprove God’s existence – invent another. Either that or submit to the judgment of our sins by a personal God!

Proof That The Bible is Just a Collection of Myths and Stories*

Surely the title of this article is click-bait right? No way! We all know – even us modern Christians that the statement is true. I mean that’s what we’ve been told for years and years by our teachers, parents, friends and people in the know – right? OK, maybe my article title was a tad misleading and not what I really think. The truth – as far as I am concerned couldn’t be more different, and part of the reason I became, and still am a Christian.

I have to say that in recent years I have noticed a deafening silence from the once loud voices of dissent in the whole Bible versus archaeology ‘debate’ – ie. the ‘fake’ story versus the ‘true’ story of history. With the result that those that wish to escape judgement of the personal and judgemental God of the bible, look ever harder for ways to disprove His existence by way of inventing things like the ridiculous theory of evolution – the idea that conscience can arise from a rock (the only real proof that we came from a rock might be Richard Dawkins himself), or the recent multiple universe theory that’s come about because scientists have realised there simply isn’t enough time in history of the cosmos for evolution to have taken place in the first place – basically any new theory that means they can remain unaccountable for their – our sins and blame the world’s ills on everything but men.

Well, have a look at this little video and be amazed at the plain honesty and accuracy of the Bible – even if you don’t believe as I do in a personal God behind the preservation, collection and editing and of these ancient scripts to give us – His most prized possession – what any good designer gives to those that are expected to use his invention – a comprehensive instruction manual, in this case for planet earth.

Oldest Book Found Has Confirmed Jesus Existed?

I haven’t had time to verify in my own mind the veracity of the title of this article, but wanted to make my readers aware of this news so they can do their own research and see what they find. There is no reason to suspect that the codices are fake since as Christians we know Jesus Christ existed and is real from mountains of other evidence, but of course forgery is entirely a possibility (and may well be the case judging from the videos I’ve watched regarding the man pushing them as real) as man knows no bounds when it comes to inventing and scheming – the reason Jesus or more precisely God – had to come and take the place for our sins. Anyway enough of my thoughts – take a look at the videos below – and others you can find that claim them to be fakes, and see what you make of this sensational story.

Ancient Prison of St Paul Discovered in Israel

We take delight in reporting more news and discoveries that show that the Bible is not just a great and inspiring read, the bastion of all truth, The Way and unique one-of-a-kind book that self-verifies it’s own claims unlike any other book, but as time progresses we also see it’s an accurate document of historical events and does not seek to invent the stories it contains. Check out the videos below to see the latest discovery relating to the prison that Paul.