The Goal of Humanity is ‘Happiness’ – So We Are Told

Well we shouldn’t really expect much more from folks who’s main goal in life revolves around finding ways to make money, and hang on to their wealth and power at the same time – I mean we can’t all be rich right?.. it’s not possible is it? So what is the answer to how to be really happy? Well hopefully the billionaires at Davos will enlighten us, but for now – let’s do an imaginary equation;

Take all the richest billionaires and other wealthy folks’ money – and share it amongst the rest of us (I’m no socialist – this is just for fun:) and we could make everyone happy right? Erm.. perhaps we would all be fairly well off. But wait… while all the clever folks at Davos meet to discuss our future – because relationships and family, food and running water are clearly not enough.

We need Elon Musk and friends and his hair-brained ideas to go and live on an airless, dark wasteland to be really happy – do you reckon there is one seminar we can attend which involves them giving away any of their wealth in this process of making everyone happy (a dreadfully meaningless term in the first place in my view – and Jesus it would appear)?

Nope – they’re getting together to find ways to hold on to their wealth – and make the rest of us happy too?! How nice of them. Oh dear – it’s getting sillier by the minute! Oh well – I’m sure they have our best interests at heart, so here’s an update on what’s being discussed at Davos.

We Can Have a Borderless World – at a Cost

Every cell in the human body has a wall around it with 1000 checks and balances to restrict or allow exactly which molecules are allowed to pass through it’s walls and which are not. This system, designed by God – the architect of the universe, was made that way for one good reason; to protect the host – the owner of the cells in a hostile environment and to do this by stopping foreign and unknown molecules that do not have the hosts best intentions, coming in from the outside and destroying the cell from within.

However it’s worth noting that the cell membrane is also designed to expressly allow the free movement of foreign entities from outside the cell, in and out. 99.9% molecules that come in from the outside come from the body itself or even another body as in reproduction, and are good and are often used by the cell to grow and divide or needed by the cell to survive.

However a tiny number of  foreign bodies will try to enter the cell do not have the hosts best interests at heart, like viruses or bacteria or poisons. So the cell has a simple choice; a) to have no call wall, and in a short time one of these entities will enter the cell and either corrupt it’s makeup, poison it or cause it to self destruct or making this cell not only a danger to other cells and uninhabitable for good foreign entities and the host body may even become useless to other hosts, or b) have a robust cell wall, but one that is able to efficiently let benign, positive and safe foreign bodies in and out freely, but at the same time a wall with a filter that is able to identify and block the 0.001% of molecules that are a danger. The fact is, if you remove your front door, no matter how many good local friends and family you have, eventually someone will come in from further afield and trash your home.

So it seems, for all the ‘bad’ we are told that walls are, that in this fallen and hostile world at least (this may change when we receive the new heaven and earth and our bodies are restored to how God originally designed them before the fall) that God actually favours borders – not to create division, but for protection, safety and survival! We see this in The Bible in Genesis with the Tower of Babel; it’s not that God doesn’t like progress, he doesn’t like too much power concentrated in too few hands as “the human heart is deceitful above all things.” This of course is not to mention the borders around our homes, our gardens, our prisons, our businesses, our banks, our schools, even the walls in our houses are needed for one very important thing; order. No one wants to get rid of those.

But back to the ‘borderless’ new world that’s coming – and foretold in the Bible. In fact, there is one way to have a world without any corruption, destruction from within, money laundering by criminals, drug dealing and so on, but this comes at a huge cost to all those people that don’t do this kind of stuff (of course as we have seen in recent months politicians are exempt from the law) so what is that cost?

That cost is that every single person on the planet must be tracked, their whereabouts known at every point and every location and during every day, and crucially, every transaction must be monitored, and it comes at what cost?… it comes at the cost of your freedom. Margaret Thatcher said in 1975; “there is such a thing as total security, but to have it you will lose your freedom.”

In the end we will all have to choose what we want (if it hasn’t already been chosen for us which is more likely the case and according to The Bible – will be the case); peace and security by minimising corruption by division of government and limiting power on a personal, business, state and country level – the way God does it in the Bible, or ‘eliminating’ corruption by total surveillance in an ‘open’ and ‘borderless’ world in which we would all be trapped at the cost of real and genuine freedom. If we choose the latter, and the Bible says we will, there will be no going back.

What is Satan’s End-Game?

You know the Bible says that the Devil’s mission is to decieve and confuse – so when we say we have a million different interpretaions and misrepresenations of God so we can’t know – this is already explained to us and also the solution – to love the truth – thats very different from knowing the truth. Bible says to those that do not love truth – He (God) will personally send ‘strong dellusion’ (by way of lifting his hand of protection away from us the deciever). Either way the seaprnt’s goal has been achieved – we have 100 different beliefs and confusion everywhere.

This ‘sending dellsuion’ to those that do not love truth wherever they find it, is not unlike the inversion of this we of this with Freemasonry – whereby the greater secrets are not revealed to those they deem ‘not worthy’. However, when God does hides truth – its punishement for not loving truth and seeking after false things, when the gnostics hide their so-called ‘light’ and ‘truth’ (freemasons/Kbalistsetc) its elitiem and secrets I or anyone else should not wish to gain special powers from. It’s goodness on it’s head.

Real Godliness is about minimisation of self in relation to God. Godliness inverted is about becoming god’s and goes back to lie in the garden. We see this all over the place with Oprah and the rest – yes I said it – ‘The Secret’ is in fact nothing new and was never a secret – it’s just plain lies and was exposed in the garden – right at the beginning, yet Christians fall for it today hook line and sinker. How to become creative geniuses and ‘gods’ in your own lunchbreak. Of course the love of money drives most of this nowadays – the Bible was not wrong about man’s greatest love on this earth.

GK Chesterton said; “its not blief in nothing that is the problem – it’s belief in anything.

But in the beginning it was very simple. God was personal – man loves God – God loves man that was it and man does not hode from God.

Genesis says that the deceiver came along and told man; “it’s not true that if you eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil you would die – and that by eating is your eyes will be opened and YOU WILL BE AS GODS (now called gnosticism/kabalah/judaism/freemasonry – all identicle – bascily savlation through knowledge – and achievment of godhood by special – secret knowledge – I mean how elitist and urksome is that?).

This is what we see everywhere – Google and all of them – trying to regain what was lost in the garden by recreating by physcal means – what God already in the garden – a pure all-seeing all knowing spiritual ‘internet’ where by all people and God were coonnected.

But men were NOT Gods (you cant actually have more than one real God anyway – as by definition only one entity can be all-pwerful – you cant share true Godhood). They were made only in his image but clearly with ‘godlike’ abilities given to them. But no first-cause power to create from scartch much as Opera would like us to believe.

Anyway – man can only recreate a fake verison of what he thinks was ‘Godhood’ in the gardedn in the physical – so he is inventing ways to connect our brains to the central all-seeing ‘brain’. In other words – Satan wants to see everthing like God can (and therefore have control over us) every thought and deed under the guise of freedom and ‘connectivity – but ts a completely false system that involves no love or freedom at all – the exact opposite. And because these people do not love truth they are buying into the dellusion.

We are not there yet – as we still have other means to buy and sell

This Satan’s ‘mark’ is all about in Revelations – Satan wants to mark (and damn) every soul as retributio for God kicking him out of Eden – losing his so-called godhood he never had (Masonry and the rest is excat reverse of this story as you probably know). To pull this off Satan must utilmately control all money transactions (basicly control if you participate in society and eat). All those that don’t accept will be deemed regressive, ‘haters’ and ‘bigots’ etc as we see now.

Revelation 13:16-17 (KJV)

(Note; the inredible specificity of the following words in red);

16 And he causeth ALL (notice it does not say ‘force’) , both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17 And that no man might buy or sell (participate in society – basically not work or ultimately not eat), save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
When this happens – that no man might not work, buy or trade without this mark there will be a falling away without question – regardless of the pre-mid-post debate. So it’s clear we are not yet there as I can still work, and walk into any store and buy and sell and eat and feed my family. But we should think about what’s coming and prepare our hearts and minds.

60 Year Old Cartoon Predicts the Future

This cartoon below amazingly predicts the future perfectly more than 60 years ago. There was never anything taught like this in schools today or as far as i can remember, and when you see it – you’ll know why.

If you like me are interested in political cartoons with insight, this is one of the best ever made. If you worry that countries around the world are losing freedoms by the day and want to know why, you are not alone. Whoever created this amazing film clearly wanted to warn us in this political cartoon. If you love freedom, liberty and want to live and let live, than check out the cartoon below now.

Margaret Thatcher Tells us Where Real Freedom Comes From

And to think, most young folk – and older ones like my friends in their forties these days think that our freedoms come from the progression of technology. It’s worth noting that we had more technological advancements in the last century than all the others put together. But we also had more bloodshed in the last century than all the others put together. So what gives us freedom… technology or principles? Obviously the latter which are fast diminishing.

Let me throw in my ten cents to add to the source that Margaret already pointed out, they come from the incredibly simple but perfect Ten Commandments – imprinted on the hearts of men but once instilled diligently in schools, homes, churches, businesses and law courts for centuries until now where we are doing our best to remove them, and then we wonder why society is in such a mess! The problem and the solution are clear and Jesus summed these ten up in two – love God with heart mind and soul and love neighbour as self. Unfortunately today we are teaching our kids to love selfies only.