Tortured Man Sees Jesus Christ in a Vision

See how God turns terrible tragedy into triumph in the most unexpected and impossible circumstances! Whilst these people’s material goods may have been taken in Iraq – their faith and their connection to Jesus Christ has done nothing but miraculously strengthen! Be encouraged by this video and thank the Lord every day for our blessings in the West as it’s clear that although persecution of Christians is a worldwide issue, this particular type and level of persecution has not yet reached our shores.


What Happens When God Decides To Get Hold of You

This is a fantastic testimony of how a Jewish lady had several ‘coincidences’ that made her realise that God was actually making things happen around her to make it plain that it could be no one other than Him who was behind it. It shows the absolute power that God has to make things happen who are are open to his call. If you are feeling a bit weak in your faith have a watch and be amazed as I was.

A Gospel Without The Deity of Christ is No Gospel At All (imho)

The whole point of Jesus was God lowering himself and climbing down to our level, taking on sin-prone, fallen flesh and serving his enemies and sinners without sin so that they and we might see the real meaning of love in action – the act of laying down your time, wealth and your life for others – and believe the good news and be saved. This is the impetus for us to then follow Jesus example – to serve the poor – our enemies so that they might see love in action and be saved.

No matter how you dice it – if Jesus is not God in a fleshly vessel, then we are no different from the Jews or Muslims waiting for a ‘perfect’ man (an impossibility if he is not divine) to sort out all of the world’s problems. It’s just isn’t going to happen. The love of money os the root of all evil The Bible tells us correctly therefore, no man is capable of creating world peace period – without installing some form of socialism and total control of everyone and the way they buy and sell – rich, poor, free and bond. And what does The Bible say about the coming man that will take the place of Christ in the last days and dominate the world financial, political and religious system? He fits that description perfectly.

Is The Bible Racist? What About Ethnicity in the Bible?

The Bible is accused sometimes as being racist. So just to quickly clear this issue up using text from the Bible itself, what does the Bible actually say about ancestors – i.e the thing that may or may not show us wether it really is or sin’t racist. God says in The Bible says;

“avoid genealogies”

…and goes on to suggest at all costs, and that circumcision (a symbolic action in old times) is really of the heart and spirit, not of the flesh that makes one a Jew in God’s eyes – meaning – the thing that makes you a child of God is a spiritual circumcision – and again – why should it be any other way. So in the Bible, it doesn’t matter where your ancestors are from – and of course – why should it!

So what is really racist?

Anyone, any ideology or any religion that bangs on about lineage, bloodlines or genealogies ‘cleansing’ or ‘saving’ us. Why? Because no one single person on the planet is ‘ethnically’ pure and no one should be saved because of who their parents were! It was about the heart in the Old Testament and it’s about the heart in the New Testament!

In fact the word ‘ethnicity’ almost becomes totally meaningless in real terms with all the intermarrying that goes on and has gone on for 1000s years and it always has been meaningless. And of course this, explains why some religions ideologies still obsess about not intermarrying and being the ‘true’ ‘defendants’ when it is futile from the get-go! No one is purely white, african, asian and so on.

There may be one exception to all this; the Bible could be accused of being spiritually ‘racist’ if all must in fact go through Christ to get to God, but that’s another article and of course I would not call this racist but the truth as that would be calling God racist which I would never do, and God wills that ALL men and ALL tribes to be saved and that’s what the entire gospel is all about – dying for and saving all – “the whole world.”

The Bible was right: We are ALL of one blood!

Another point is that the Jews well admit that they long ago lost the genealogies of the twelve tribes and to them this is now meaningless. You cannot tell from your genealogy whether your granddad was a liar – or a thief or an adulterer or murderer. Hence, Jesus tells us with perfect logicality; AVOID genealogies!

“For there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” 

How non-racist can one be?!!

The following video does not represent my views on replacement theology one way of the other (I am still understanding and getting to grips with what I believe on that) however, even as a child and non-Christian, I could see that ‘ethnicity’ on a government form was pretty meaningless since my ancestors would be mixed like everyone else on the planet – so at best might describe my appearance.

Jesus Used Old Testament References To God to Describe Himself

There never used to be much doubt amongst Christians generally that Christ was God in flesh (with some exceptions like Jehovah’s Witnesses and Unitarians) but this is increasingly under fire and questioned (as one would expect as the world becomes more proud and hostile to God’s efforts to come to us rather than allow us any means to reach Him). But did you know that Jesus, it would appear very much on purpose, took the Old Testament verses where God is referring specifically to Himself, and applied them to himself?

The traditional belief is that Jesus was God in-carnate – i.e God’s spirit housed in a fleshly vessel to experience sufferings just as we and give weight and credibility to Him giving us commands as to how we should live. In other words he could then say; do as I do and not just do as I say, so that no one could ever accuse God of not understanding what it’s like being ‘trapped’ in a sinful fleshly and needy body.

Anyway, take a look at this video, study the Bible for yourself and see if you agree that Jesus was in fact God, in human form as I and many others have believed through the centuries.