Ancient Prison of St Paul Discovered in Israel

We take delight in reporting more news and discoveries that show that the Bible is not just a great and inspiring read, the bastion of all truth, The Way and unique one-of-a-kind book that self-verifies it’s own claims unlike any other book, but as time progresses we also see it’s an accurate document of historical events and does not seek to invent the stories it contains. Check out the videos below to see the latest discovery relating to the prison that Paul.

What is Forgiveness?

Here is a great example. In the picture below, the man on the left, armed with machete, hacked to pieces the woman on the right’s baby child. This was during what we know as the ‘Rwandan Genocide’. What is forgiveness?.. it is the woman on the right, who has since that terrible event, chosen to forgive the man on the left, and they are now reconciled and friends.

This for most would be an almost impossible – if not impossible task out of ones own strength, yet she has somehow, obviously with God’s power she managed to do the impossible and forgive, and just as important as healing his heart, at least in part enabled the healing of herself. With man things are impossible, but with God just as the Bible says, all things are indeed possible.

Resentment and un-forgiveness will in the end manifest itself in depression and even physical sickness if it allowed to fester for too long in the un-forgiver. So I hope this short true story inspires anyone harbouring grudges or resentment to give it to God and be healed. 

Marriage is Dead? For Selfie Millennials Perhaps

Marriage is for people who want a lifetime of hassle think most millennials these days. This is a result of what our parents called the ‘me’ generation but what I have coined the ‘selfie generation’. Jesus clearly told us that; “in the last days people would be lovers of self” and he was bang on the money – I wonder if had he known about mobile phones he may have altered that to; “in the last days people would be lovers of selfies.”

The fact is that marriage is for men not children. People that are looking to please and serve someone else – not themselves. And it’s not surprising as even in the church we see the doctrine of self pervading and being taught either consciously or unconsciously all over the place; what can I get from going to church today? What has the Lord in store for me today etc instead of; what can I do to serve my neighbour today?.. or what can I do to make someone else’ life better?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to pretend to have been any different and might as well be called one of the new ‘selfie generation’ Christians (I was born in 1971 but been little different to most people – i.e mostly concerned with self, but I’m working on it every day). I was churched on a diet of emotionally driven self-serving churchianity teachings (as well as some good stuff I have to admit) that often did not resemble to servitude and sacrifice of Christ.

We simply weren’t told it was all about picking up your cross and serving others was the main part. Having said that there are and have always been many great churches and pastors that do teach and model that we are to emulate Jesus’ servant attitude – and that our needs should come last – or at leat not always first.

In this post I wanted to encourage people to go back to that original servant calling in The Bible, as our servitude of the needs of others is needed by our Christian friends, and our unbelieving friends family and neighbours more than ever, in a world where the light of the gospel is being actively obscured and replaced by the meebies and their doctrines of ‘me’.

Putting The Brakes on Debt God’s Way

The answer to curbing personal and national debt, and limiting extortion by the banks and others is not to track every payment on the planet as is about to be implemented and is the ‘solution’ offered by our masters – the bankers, but a solution far simpler that was given to the Israelites 1000’s years ago.

It’s worth nothing as an aside, we would expect the prophesied man of sin – when he appears – to wipe out the poorer nations (and perhaps all) ‘debt’s under a socialist ‘fair’ single governmental system, but this will not for the right reasons, but to ingratiate himself with and be adored by the masses – especially the poor in order to appear to be the man of peace and love that he is not.

But regardless of this, perhaps we should learn a thing or two from the financial Israelites rule book, not just on matters of debt – but I recommend you google their methods of saving – truly brilliant and straight from the Bible. Watch the video on debt here;

Show Me A Semi-Evolved Organism And I’ll Believe in Evolution

Look, it may turn out to be true, but even as a kid I laughed in 1979 when I first heard the theory of evolution at school. Not least because the teacher – bless him was trying to tell us we all came from apes, and yet apes are still with us having clearly not changed one jot or tittle. All right, so there are branches to evolution, but come on… we have changed unrecognisably from apes but the other apes didn’t? Well perhaps.

But seriously, I realised then as an eight year old with almost zero knowledge of science, and just a little experience of human nature that this theory of ‘evolution’ had come about for other reasons than because it was necessarily true or provable. The real reason the idea that we all came from other species had come about was in fact because it was the only possible option for someone to believe if one does not believe in the creation account.

All right – so now they are telling us we might be from extra-terrestrial sources – and more recently because they have ‘discovered’ there is not enough time in the cosmos for evolution to have occurred, we must have come from other multiple universes that have been around longer – it goes on and on – just so long as we don’t have to accept God made things and we are accountable to Him.

But it’s not just those things that bug me. With thousands and thousands, and in fact millions of fossils having been uncovered, wouldn’t you expect just a few of them to show signs of having evolved from being half one creature and half another, as would be needed to substantiate evolution? Just a few fossils that were clearly somewhere in between species is all we are asking for out of all that have been found?

They say they have one or two examples, but that fact they have found one of two alone shows it’s all baloney. Why?.. because there would be dozens at least, and hundreds to be more realistic, and the fact that there is virtually none out of millions of fossils uncovered, from a numbers game alone proves they are barking up the wrong tree, and that what they are in fact looking at is a fully formed species – just one they haven’t seen before. The problem with evolution boils down to this; if God created everything then we are accountable to him. Therefore we must go against all the usual scientific study norms and stop at nothing to make this theory a true one.

But how do we really know evolution is not true? As one scientist puts it; “Give me some living organic matter already containing all the fully formed amino acids necessary for life and place that matter in just the right scientific solution, temperature and environment for it to adapt to it’s environment and for evolution to occur and what happens? Nothing. No amoeba, tadpole, or fully formed frog will ever crawl out of that jar.”

And God said; “It is finished.”