How Do We know Which Bible is The Right one?

Easy question as far as I am concerned (I don’t expect anyone to agree – this is just my humble opinion on the matter) except is probably better to ask; which Bibles are the wrong ones?

Now we know the root of all evil is the love of money from the bible (all translations say this). So the answer has to be, the wrong bible is any bible that was ‘re-translated’, and the text altered enough in order to obtain a copyright (the text must be a certain percentage different from the original text one is ‘translating’ from in order to obtain a copyright so you can sell the text) so it could be sold to the masses to make $$. Any bible in my opinion created this way, will fall prey to errors and problems simply because where there is money involved, there are personal agendas, financial issues and deadlines.

This is quite amusing (and worrying at the same time), since it actually means the translators must actively set about changing the words enough to obtain a copyright, and find new words to try to replace the old words that express the same idea or doctrine or historical event as in the previous translation that one is using as a base text – just so they can get a license to print yet another version of the best selling book in the world! Good for business – bad for translating and everyone that reads it.

Secondly I find it amusing that some modern Christians look at the KJV translators – 50+ of them all accountable to each other and the king – as if they were like country bumpkins, a drink or pipe in one hand, pen in the other, when in reality these men were extremely intelligent and learned, and being under the Kings’ and all the other translators eyes (who did in fact have differing opinions as you would expect) – would simply not have been able to get away with inserting their own agendas, and having no issue of copyright to worry about (the Devil just loves to tie everything up with money, whereas God likes to give His gifts away free) were free to choose the very best words and sentences. Genius! Not so with modern translations, their copyright and financial issues.

Now to the question of the 1611 or the 1629 versions of the King James Bible. First neither of these were translated and edited for the purpose of selling and making money. Second the question of which one? Again a very simple answer. The translation that came later, since the scholars clearly found printing mistakes that were made in 1611. Do many people realise how complex and prone to error type setting used to be – a printing without a mistake would be completely unexpected.

So am I King James only? Yes and no. If I want the true meaning of what the Bible says I will take the time to research and work out what the King James is saying. But before I get there, I may sometimes read some of the newer translations, just to get some sort of handle on the context and get the basic modern english in context. Having done that however – when I then go back to the King James and do my research as to what the KJV is saying with this fresh perspective of what the new version is saying, I often find the new version (NIV particularly good at not just contradicting other bibles but more alarmingly itself) is in many cases saying the same, or, something either contradictory, completely different and sometimes even THE opposite. And we all know there are great chunks of text missing altogether from some modern versions.

Also – I would hand any modern version to a new believer but with a warning (that I wish I’d been given after years of being perplexed and weakened in my faith after finding many contradictions (of itself even) in the NIV); to understand the issue of obtaining copyrights to sell bibles has to, and does affect the text and its meaning.

So in summary – I don’t expect people to agree with me, this is just the experience I have had. I will read the new versions ONLY to quickly grasp one meaning in modern english, but knowing full well that the meaning may turn out to have been totally different to the King James.

Note; people often say that the new bible versions came about to update the English. True in many cases, but what many people don’t know is that the KJV translators by that time already spoke a more modern english, but chose to keep the older english since it is a more descriptive and accurate language. For instance the old english would allow differentiation between a person say ‘you’ – when speaking to a single person, and ‘you’ when speaking to a group of people. Not important? I think it is, as all these little nuances add to the better understanding of the circumstances that the text is describing.

Love Him or Hate Him – They Were All Wrong

The Donald was ridiculed far more than even I realised before his win as president. I had no idea how hard his opponents fought against him and lost. Donald’s wife said to her husband; “Don… if you run for president you know what it means?” ” “What darling?” “You’re gonna win.” It remains to be seen if Donald Trump was a good choice or not.

Jesus Builds The Church – We Spread The Gospel

Jesus said; “On this rock I will build my church.” We are not told to “go forth and create 10,000 denominations, but to go forth and make disciples of men. Jesus will build his church and has members in all denominations. This multi-denomination argument is often used to say; “see – Catholicism is right because it does not split off into multiple denominations” – but of course, we all know what happened to those that were ‘apostate’ and dared to try to challenge the status quo in the early days of the protesters – clearly something that was not right.

Where there is true freedom there will always be different understandings and opinions. Yet it is a shame we have so many denominations – largely driven by men’s egos unable to get on with their brothers and sisters and agree to disagree on non-salvation and often non-important issues. But this is to be expected where men are able to worship freely out of their own conscience, understanding and will. The Bible indicates that men will be judged according to what they know and that we ALL see through a glass darkly.

Donald Trump Wins Election: The Big TV Stations, Biased Presenters, Talking Heads & Pundits All Got it Wrong (including us)

We have to say though, that the reason we got it wrong, unlike the talking heads,  was because we cynically did not believe that honesty would abound, and the system was too corrupt. The talking heads however were quite happy that the system was corrupt, so long at the person who would protect them and their interests got in. So love or hate The Donald – it was a great day for democracy and proves it’s still the best form of government (or the “worst of all forms of government except all the others” as Churchill said! Actually the best form is a democratic republic as we see in the USA where powers are separated and therefore a form of damage limitation – and why the globalists hate it).

So it is now somewhat amusing that people like CCN and NBC and all the other people in ‘the know’ tout themselves in great intros to their news channels with phrases like; “we are the experts” and “we will break down the real news for you” – the lot of them – all of them – got it totally wrong.

Why? Because they were smugly backing Hillary because they believed hers’ and their power to sway elections was so powerful that it was a foregone conclusion. I now actually feel sorry for them watching them this morning, with their tails firmly between their legs, and big opinionated mouths firmly shut.

Brexit II: The people have spoken

But the sleeping giant that pays their excessive wages awakened – the American people and slapped them all in the face and told them to sit down and shut up and listen to us – the people!

It seems that when times are good people vote with their emotions. When times are bad and corruption reaches tipping point, thankfully nothing a rich politician can do will stop a country that has had enough and the people eventually vote with their minds.

The fact is, people should never be voting for a person just because she is a woman, or just because a man is black, or just because a person represents a minority group. People should vote because the person they are voting for has their country’s people at heart or not as the case may be, and weather they really love their country and what it has given them (or taken in other cases).

This proves the main stream media have no longer have anything useful to say

Regardless of weather Donald is a good guy or a bad guy, it’s clear the people no longer want biased news, corruption in Washington and endless wars and no matter how much money you pump into it – you can no longer buy your way into the Whitehouse.

It remains to be seen if The Donald – not known for always being a saint, will actually do what he said he will do and drain the swamp.

Election Night; Now We Learn The Real Reason The Clinton Cases Keep Being Closed

Well, we’re not surprised to hear on election day, the real reason why James Comey has been reluctant to recommend charges against the Clintons. It seems his business dealings are intertwined with The Clinton Bank – I mean Foundation. Well I will keep you in suspense and let Pastor Paul Begley tell you the details you will never hear on the Clinton – I mean Clown – I mean CNN.