We Can Have a Borderless World – at a Cost

Every cell in the human body has a wall around it and 1000 checks and balances to restrict or allow exactly which molecules are allowed to pass through it’s walls and which are not. This system, designed by God – the architect of the universe, was made that way for one good reason; to protect the host (the owner of the cells) and to do this by stopping foreign and unknown molecules that do not have the hosts best intentions, coming in from the outside and destroying the cell from within.

It should first be noted however that the cell membrane is also designed to expressly allow the free movement of foreign entities from outside the cell – the main body, in and out. 99.9% molecules that come in from the outside come from the body itself or even another body as in reproduction, and are good and are often used by the cell to grow and divide or needed by the cell to live.

However a tiny number of  foreign bodies will try to enter the cell do not have the hosts best interests at heart, like viruses and bacteria. So the cell has a simple choice; a) to have no call wall, and in a short time one of these entities will enter the cell and cause it to self destruct or corrupt it’s makeup, making this cell not only a danger to other cells and uninhabitable for good foreign entities, but the host body may become useless to other hosts or b) have a robust cell wall, but one that is able to efficiently let benign, positive and safe foreign bodies in and out freely, but at the same time a wall with a filter that is able to identify and block the 0.001% of molecules that are a danger. The fact is, if you remove your front door, no matter how many good local friends and family you have, eventually someone will come in from further afield and trash your home.

So it seems, for all the ‘bad’ we are told that walls are, that God actually likes borders – not to create division – but for safety. We see this in The Bible in Genesis with the Tower of Babel; it’s not that God doesn’t like progress, he doesn’t like too much power concentrated in too few hands as “the human heart is deceitful above all things.” This of course is not to mention the borders around our homes, our gardens, our prisons, our businesses, our banks, our schools, even the walls in our houses are needed for one very important thing; order. No one wants to get rid of those.

But back to the ‘borderless’ new world that’s coming – and foretold in the Bible. In fact, there is one way to have a world without any corruption, destruction from within, money laundering by criminals, drug dealing and so on, but this comes at a huge cost to all those people that don’t do this kind of stuff (of course as we have seen in recent months politicians are exempt from the law) so what is that cost?

That cost is that every single person on the planet must be tracked, their whereabouts known at every point and every location and during every day, and crucially, every transaction must be monitored, and it comes at what cost?… it comes at the cost of your freedom. Margaret Thatcher said in 1975; “there is such a thing as total security, but to have it you will lose your freedom.”

In the end we will all have to choose what we want (if it hasn’t already been chosen for us which is more likely the case and according to The Bible – will be the case); peace and security by minimising corruption by division of government and limiting power on a personal, business, state and country level – the way God does it in the Bible, or ‘eliminating’ corruption by total surveillance in an ‘open’ and ‘borderless’ world in which we would all be trapped at the cost of real and genuine freedom. If we choose the latter, and the Bible says we will, there will be no going back.

Is Climate Change Real?

Of course it is, God made it that way. Every day I look outside my window I see wind, rain, hot days and cool days, cold months and sweltering hot months, hot years and cool years, warm decades and cooler ones. When I was a kid in the 1970s, my school teachers were telling us we were in for another ice-age if we did not stop pollution – oh yes – this is REALLY what they were telling us 6-year-olds back in 1977. But you can’t find any information on this for love nor money on the web.

Of course climate change is real

And then there was the change from ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change’ as if that alone is not enough to raise eyebrows amongst everyone – scientist or not, but of course this was done because they too recognised that even though the temperature may be rising over all (or not as the case may be) the word ‘warming’ should never be applied to this subject as even they recognise it’s not continuously warming and that there are times of cooling in between.

It should always be ok to question – science is not consensus, assumption or voting

And then we know that The Thames River in London just a few hundred years ago was practically continuously covered in ice for some time – things were cooler, and now the climate has changed. So am I a climate change denier? No – the climate is always changing. So for me the jury is out – not least because I am not a scientist and do not have access to of means to really understand the science. So I’ll keep my mouth shut on whether or not the whole thing is baloney and just add that in a 1975 interview, Margaret Thatcher – love her or hate her – warned us about the new tide of consensus taking precedence over what is actually fact or fiction. In other words, if enough people think something is right – it is – a ridiculous concept but one that seems to be happening here. Jesus said the gate to truth is always narrow so whilst that may not apply here we should at least head her warning at the least.

We need to listen to both sides

But what happens when a really clever scientist – one who does understand the figures, and the funding of climate research says we need not to assume that the scientists or the science is always correct? Even I know assumptions are not science, and that proof is actually not possible in most cases – only a best estimate based on the numbers and evidence. And often what is ‘proved’ in science turns out to be ‘disproved’ later. Well such a man is in the video posted below. Whatever the truth – we all need to look after the planet period, but be careful not worship it.

Founder of Weather Channel questions climate change

So I am not able to say one way or the other. I do know that vast amounts of money changes hands in this field between companies, scientific research centres (and probably politicians) and more and more will be doing so as climate change becomes a bigger and bigger field of research, and industry gets more and more involved with solving the ‘problem’. See what you make of the scientist below and as ever I suggest watching not just this, but videos by those saying the opposite, and those in between. After all we Christians should never fear and embrace the truth – whichever side the chips fall, even when its not we want to hear.

Why Banks are Just Legalised Ponzi Schemes

Have you ever asked what the credit state of your bank is?.. the one that is freely allowed to lend money at exorbitant interest to you – money they often don’t have, yet when YOU give money to them, which they can go and invest and make massive amounts of money and profit from to continue this scheme – you get nothing?!!

In other words every time you put money in your bank account, you are giving the bank an interest free loan! Can you imagine these massively rich organisations ever doing the same for you? No – that is why the bank is rich and we are not.

The fact is many of these banks do not have the money in their vaults that we put there. They have spent it into investments and bonds and other things that at any time can go bad which means they can never pay back all their small depositors (fools like me and you) should they ever need to – that friends is a legal ponzy scheme.

Which means if this happens, under their terms and conditions they do not have to give you back your money – something most people are not aware of when they give the bank money to put in their personal account – effectively it is not your account at all – technically it becomes their money! Now that’s sobering.

Why banks that practice this extortion are not allowed to go to the wall when they are not just practicing usury – but usury on steroids is a mystery, until you do what any good investigator does – follow the money! Allowing such business practices can only ever weaken a nation and god wants strong independent nations and people that are able to help their neighbours. Sound familiar?.. the Devil is described in the Bible as ‘he who weakens the nations’ and this is one of his favourite schemes to do so.

Did you know that only 150 years ago, the word ‘usury’ in the English dictionary meant; ‘interest’ – period – no more no less – lending at interest. Now, rather strangely (or not so strangely when you consider who prints the books we read) it’s been changed to mean ‘excessive interest’ – like somehow interest is now OK and god made a mistake! Interest is never OK for one simple reason; it’s profiteering without work and keeps people and countries (that should never even be borrowing from a ‘central’ bank in the first place) in perpetual debt.

Gold backed money is not enough – usury (profiting by lending at interest for essentially doing no work and producing no goods) must be stopped by both lender and borrower if countries and people are ever to be free from debt

All governments should be in charge of, and print their own money, and never be in debt to anyone – any 2 year old can tell us that. And no, a bit of admin, a huge database and clever IT system that turns all our money into virtual digits and numbers backed by nothing does not pass for ‘work’ as the banks will tell us when we give them interest free loans (our savings).

To really understand money and how we are all being systematically conned out of our hard earned cash by usury (you’ll need to work out for yourself who’s doing it but a clue might be to follow the money behind the central banks), something expressly forbidden in virtually all religions and many countries, watch the best video ever made on the subject of what money really is and isn’t, and should and should not be – and I’m not exaggerating – it’s long but it won several awards and you will never think about banks and money in the same way!

How To Tell Which Politicians are Honest and Genuine and Which are Not

Ever wanted to know which politicians are telling the truth as they see it, or to the best of their knowledge at least, and which are plain liars, fake, falsify truth and are dishonest to themselves and others? It seems that most voters don’t care – and are more interested in the veneer and the ‘speak’ rather than the integrity of the person. This is how they sometimes get away with the unthinkable and often what the every day person would never get away with. In any case, why is the question in politics always reduced to the false idea of left or right, and not wrong or right?

Real and convicted or fake and phony?

But is this even remotely possible to tell which politicians are honest and which are fake careerists or somewhere in between? It is actually I believe. All we need to do – though it can be quite a long process to watch all the necessary videos, is to watch the amazing YouTube channel of a body language expert pick apart interviews on our loved and loathed politicians. You know – the eye movements, eye contact, twitches and sitting position etc.

This expert is careful to point out that body language analysis is not an exact science – but it is a great indicator and can be very accurate

As it happens, most of the conclusions this body language expert comes to – and I must point out that by her own admission they are her opinions on these politicians – match my gut instincts on all the folks she analyses. Does that mean I have what the Bible calls the gift of discernment?.. I’m not sure, but either way, her body language videos are a must watch for anyone that is serious about voting in politicians and members of congress and leaders that are honest, or at the very least believe in what they say, regardless of whether what they are saying is the best policy.

At least we can use this resource (for perhaps as long as they are unaware such channels exist!) to see who has at the least – conviction, and who is just an actor – or a mix of both, and to what extent. Anyway enough of this, here’s the channel. Bookmark it and anytime you want to know what a particular person is really like underneath their political veneer or not as the case may be.

Bombard’s Body Language Channel analyses politicians & celebrities >>

Joel Osteen Refuses to Open Mega-Church Complex to Hurricane Victims

Yep – the smiling ‘positive-thinking solves all’ preacher is at it again. All we need to do is not worry – don’t do anything and just pray, as “God has it covered.” Why am I not surprised by this ridiculous statement? Well why would I be, these folks have a building to ‘up-keep’ and 1000’s Christians to pack into his football stadium in need of hearing the ‘word’ according to Joel, to fleece – I mean preach to on how giving generously can make you into a wealthy, healthy and happy person – something Jesus never taught. And in any case, flood victims might dirty the carpets in our 4-story mega-complex.

Woah that’s harsh 101?! OK – to be fair to Joel, no he didn’t say that (he did say “pray as God has it covered”) but he might as well have said the rest. One thing is for sure; its not hard to see why Jesus said that in the end-days Christians would be hated by everyone – with spokes-persons like these what hope have we got? We were called to love our neighbours and friends, not speak kind words and positive wishes over them. God warned us about sorcery – the gaining of power and creation of ‘wealth’ through special knowledge and by uttering certain words, using this to do the same for ourselves and others and not sticking to the simplicity of faith in Christ for ALL our needs. This was the very first deception in the Garden – men wishing to be ‘Christ’s’ in their own lunch-breaks is what got us all banned from God’s presence in nigh-on the first chapter of the Bible!

So what is loving someone really?

Love is giving of oneself the things of real value – not tossing out an old TV we don’t want, not positive ‘energy’ or lip service which is of no value. Loving your neighbour is giving of that most precious things; ones time, ones energy, ones ear and of course where we can’t do those thing because of physical location or circumstance (remember Jesus said focus our love on local friends family and neighbours, not Facebook ‘friends’ a 100 miles away) one’s money to those in need and probably in that order.

Pray yes – but pray with action (when possible of course!)

The prayers of a righteous man are always going to be super-powerful, not in a new-agey way but in a deeply spiritual way that will always result in God answering in any way he chooses which may NOT involve financial gain for any party and may still involve suffering as we see over and over in the Bible. But love is not just the prayer of a righteous person (someone that loves God) but also physical action – not inaction with a veneer of words. There is no love sitting on one’s hind end and there is no love in saying “The Lord loves you” without action when action can be taken. Love is that thing that costs us – physical service – something we don’t hear much these days at church. Love may be words, but as Jesus showed us on the cross – it was followed by action.