Oldest Biblical Text Since Dead Sea Scrolls Unvelied

Whilst we Christians don’t make ‘proof’ our reason to believe – otherwise there wouldn’t be any faith involved in our walk with God and trusting in Him is what He wants, so He can demonstrate that He always fulfils His promises – here just happens to me more scientific evidence that God’s pronouncement that He would “preserve” His word was totally a 100% accurate one.

Just When You Thought Things Were Tough

Wow… I was blown away by the story of these girls. Just when we think things are bad we see how many young folk often have to deal with much worse. Look at how they don’t let their conditions affect them. An inspiration to all mothers and fathers with children with rare conditions, people who need some get-up-and-go to use what God gave them and kids with other conditions who need some inspiration everywhere. These two were actually born with hearts outside their bodies – I had no idea such a condition existed and they were not even expected to live!

From the videos it appears that these folk are Christians too, and love the Lord despite their difficult predicaments. More reasons why we should always thank God for what we have – not complain about what we have not got – and I can say that as I’ve been guilt of that one for sure. Hope this inspires you!

MRI Scanner Inventors Fry Mouse Then Test it on Themselves!

“We’re gonna need a bigger coil!” declared their magnet-maker Dr Goldsmith. After Christian inventor Dr. Raymond Damadian was declared ‘too fat’ for his co-inventor/friend’s coil for the MRI and a mouse getting fried they eventually settled on the other guy in the office who happened to be working on a separate project to achieve the same goal – Dr. Larry Minkoff who was quite skinny, who reluctantly but bravely tested the thing!

The Lord’s hand was in it’s success!

It was 1977 and they had to build a huge magnet, the side effects of putting a human inside it was not known. In fact the whole project was being ridiculed by their fellow scientists as the machine was ridiculously large and labelled ‘indomitable’! The resulting invention – the MRI scanner we all now know was a fantastic success and many of us have been fortunate to take advantage of it’s diagnostic abilities. Watch the video to see how God “had to be behind” the project that was at several times doomed to failure.


Which Foods Have The Best Anti-Cancer Properties?

This guy at NutritionFacts.org has nothing to sell and looks at any REAL studies he can get his hands on – not done by big-pharma companies or people who have received ‘back-handers’ as is the case with so many medical studies these days (statins being an example of this fudging of data or at least interpreting ‘economically’), but independently. In other words the studies are non-money driven and take an honest look at which foods really help and which don’t. The results are often surprising and not what you would expect. Take a look at this video and be sure to check out the many others he has done.

Tortured Man Sees Jesus Christ in a Vision

See how God turns terrible tragedy into triumph in the most unexpected and impossible circumstances! Whilst these people’s material goods may have been taken in Iraq – their faith and their connection to Jesus Christ has done nothing but miraculously strengthen! Be encouraged by this video and thank the Lord every day for our blessings in the West as it’s clear that although persecution of Christians is a worldwide issue, this particular type and level of persecution has not yet reached our shores.