The Painted Veil 2006 HD full movie

I decided to watch this movie I’ve never even heard of today – The Painted Veil – while I as working and though it started off quite slow, it turns out to be one of the best films I have ever seen. This movie made in 2006 and the HD version in full presented here is full of incredible story twists and subtle nuances – a far cry from today’s storyline-less blockbusters.

I haven’t done any film reviews but I had to do one after seeing this and I guarantee you will want to cry at many parts during the story and it leaves you with a sense of what is really of value in life – I think what the story teller and movie makers intended and succeeding in getting across. Watch The Painted Veil HD full movie below and send it to your friends. We need more movies like this. My review on The Painted Veil film is second to none – excellent – must see.

Does ‘News’ Analysis Achieve Anything?

Two tier legal system

Can you imagine if you or I was really smart person and commander in chief of security of our country, with decades of lawyerly background behinds us, and we put top secret emails on our home – yes home server, and then claimed they didn’t know what ‘c’ meant, then covered for our husband’s illicit affairs – and then had the audacity to run for president, and not at least get a slap on the wrist but be revered and adored for your actions just because you happen to simultaneously project an image of being a sweet grandmother who couldn’t possibly be in it for the money? It would never happen. In fact, I have a friend who’s elderly mother WAS placed behind bars for a few years for getting unintentionally dragged into a tiny amount of tax evasion. There is no excuse for it, but let’s get one thing straight; this is NOTHING – NOTHING in comparison to the back-handers we see politicians constantly getting away with, day in day out under the guise of ‘business’, ‘charity’ and a thousand other appearances of light.

One rule for us, another for them

Or can you imagine if you or I had done one tenth of what we see happening in politics generally, with them all lying and covering for one another in broad daylight. Would we still be free? Of course not. And then there’s all the talking heads or twits as I prefer to call them on Twitter – endlessly chattering about who is and isn’t guilty of x,y or z, as if they are going to have any real effect on the outcome, or the real powers behind the throne.

Twitter – the site that makes twits of us all

 When I first saw Twitter I thought it was a dreadful idea – people sharing what style of coffee they were having at breakfast in a few words – so I knew it would be a huge success with people these days having attention spans slightly longer than birds. But then I felt there was some light as I realised it could bypass the biased news monopolies and give us instant real news updates, but alas no… it just morphed into a hyper-gossip service and back-biting haven on steroids. And in any case, I always knew most news was exacerbating world problems, and not making us all more aware and therefore ‘socially responsible’ as they might claim. Sure it’s good we know that there are tyrants out there, but when all is said and done, I think endless bad news makes us all desensitised to it and there is no longer any shock or revolt. Probably what our adversary wants come to think of it. Can you imagine God instituting ‘news’ and gossip networks as they are? Never.

Taking wasting time to a whole new level

My little rant here is wast of time enough, but unbeknownst to the users of it, Twit-ster really is a total waste of time and energy and resources – there I said it. The irony is that Twitter literally makes twits of all its users, most of whom feel pressured to use it and would give it up in a heartbeat if they felt they had a choice (which of course they do, and just need a little more guts to kick this site and the habit of endless gossiping and false witnessing into touch once and for all).


So it’s futile in my humble opinion to hope that our systems of justice – though they are pretty good in the West comparatively – as they are based on biblical principles – will be upheld for politicians as they are for us or the opposition in the long term or even in most cases in this life. And as we all know, this kind of double standard, and calling good evil and evil good is foretold (I prefer the word ‘foretold’ than ‘predicted’ as the latter indicates that something may or may not happen) in the Bible.

Publicity is what those that commit violence want; shutting down ‘news’ stations would shut down much of it instantly

The question is though, could we live without our daily dose of gossip and bad news? I would argue that it’s the news channels themselves that are largely – or at least partly responsible for the continuance of violence around the world that they report on. Sure they can argue the; ‘it’s in the public’s interest to know what’s going on‘ card – but is it? – and do we really need to know 7 days a week 24/7? What does this endless stream of bad news and corruption ‘analysis’ do to our brains scientifically – I’d like to know? In the main, publicity is all the propagators of these crimes want, to instil fear into their enemies and rest of us globally, and get their message out and the changes they want made through fear.  It’s a fact; NOT publicising their actions would kill a lot of their agendas stone dead in their tracks.

There won’t be any news channels (at least as we know them:) in heaven

I realise this is never going to change, and news channels will not disappear, but I just wanted to put forward my point of view (as if anyone cares:) that as long as news channels showcase and analyse and spread the news of their actions, which incidentally has absolutely zero benefits to doing so (we asked to meditate on what is good and holy and pure) the mess will continue to get worse. This is why I would never want to be a red anchor – a deliverer of bad news. How can darkness ever dispel darkness? It can’t.

Novel Idea; How about The Good News Channel?

Imagine a channel who’s sole purpose was to seek out and find and report on and reward  doers of good works and in doing so propagate good works – yes I said that terrible phrase ‘good works’ not allowed in Christian circles in all of Christendom except the last few decades since we all forgot what the Bible actually says – to do them! It is the good news we should be proclaiming as the light displaced darkness and makes darkness more unpalatable and unacceptable. CCN, Fox and the rest leave us desensitised – just what the devil ordered.

Evolution: Man’s Attempt to Evade Judgement of a Personal God?

I know there are lots of Christians that believe in the theory of evolution, and that’s fine, but I’m talking about non-believers that believe evolution is true not because they know it to be true from a real scientific viewpoint, but because they want it to be true for another reason entirely.

In fact, if they are to continue in sin, then they must – at all costs – make it true; as one theory falls, another absolutely must be invented as soon as possible to continue the smokescreen. Currently we are on ‘multiple universe theory’, since scientists have recently realised there are not enough years in the millions and billions of years theory for it to have happened. Something I worked out with no mathematical knowledge at all as a kid – as I expect have countless others – just by imagining with my small mind the jumbo-in-the-junkyard analogy.

Take a look at this video for a good roundup of 101 reasons why evolution is highly improbably – in fact mathematically impossible in terms of years and that the whole millions and billions and squillions of years argument is meaningless because evolution is actually not possible period! My humble and un-learned opinion of course. See what you think!

Smell The Roses

Every now and then in this crazy world, when we forget how incredibly amazing God and his intelligent design is, or at least nature if you believe God used other methods, and we take everything, our ability to think, walk, talk, the birds, tress and blades of grass for granted, I think we need to look at nature to restore our faith in God.

This morning I woke up with an inexplicable desire to find out how a bird builds it’s next – don’t ask why! But it is something I’ve often thought about – how on earth it gets those first few twigs to rest in place on a branch blowing in the wind, on which the whole of the rest of the nest sits – it has to be impossible for a bird with no hands, fingers or thumbs etc?

Well I found this fascinating video shot by a camper, and having always wondered how a bird gets a nest started was blown away by the speed and cleverness (Im sure there is no such a word?!) of this little creature, and how the intelligence and creativity to do this is built into the cells and soul of this creature – for instance we all know how unbelievable the humble ants are. Have a look and be amazed as I was.

Why ‘Globalism’ Vs ‘Nationalism’ is Irrelevant

A famous banker once said; “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws.”

Why is this related to the nationalism v globalism ‘debate’? It’s because at different levels in the human and especially political food chain, there are different, and even opposing levels of thought on this so-called issue.

On the ground level you have the masses worrying about football and baseball games, and issues like left, right, gay, straight, black white etc. Then on the political level you have career politicians – most of whom care nothing of race, gender or equality but are pretending to ‘fight’ these issues on our (the plebs) behalf and also over ‘nationalism’ versus ‘globalism’ as further entertainment and distraction for the masses (as if nationalism is some how bad when in fact, when it’s not being done just as en excuse to keep ‘foreigners’ out – which is wrong since we are all of mixed blood and foreigners to one degree or other) nationalism should simply be no more than pride in a counties good achievements, and it’s borders should be no more than a protection mechanism to keep out the few bad apples that have the power to ruin a nation, but should never be a supremacy / race or colour thing).

Then, while all the arguing and ‘debates’ (distractions) are going on at the lower levels pitting ‘race’ against ‘race’, black against white, man against woman, gay against straight, rich against poor, football against baseball, kneeling versus standing for the anthem, left against right, it’s all in the end irrelevant to the real powers that lie behind the career politicians.

Why? Because at the deepest or highest level depending on which angle you look at it, you have big business folks who care nothing about nations, states or even individuals (though they will pretend otherwise with grand philanthropic gestures and constant mantras about loving everyone and being inclusive when this is just being used a s vehicle to line their pockets further) who are the ones really in control. These are the people that pay politicians and fund campaigns to get the outcome they want for their business – and it nearly always works, though spectacularly failed just recently.

The so-called nationalism versus globalism ‘debate’ is just another tool in the hands of big business and bankers

As long as we are not looking at what they are doing, and endlessly debating amongst ourselves about anything but, these people are laughing; nationalism versus globalism or whateverism? – just let the people fight over it and all the while, we in the background are busy creating a borderless business world in which every transaction is digitally recorded, making every person, whether they like it or not, part of a single governing body – which we and our friends – the banks – will run. Let them have their pretend borders and nations they will be saying! We don’t care, as we have already created a borderless world in which everyone will be working for us.

You don’t need to erase borders to have a borderless world – we already have one coming into view

So now we already see our single, borderless ‘inclusive’ socialist world (where no one has a choice to opt out if they don’t like what they are seeing, with those in control of course exempt from the socialist part, having appointed themselves masters of the universe, experts at giving away other people’s money, and kindly mapping out for us – the un-enlightened one’s – destinies) and global government coming into view regardless of country names or drawn out state lines, with what were once real borders reduced to pseudo borders and pseudo ‘countries. It’s been the plan from the beginning, the reversal of God’s judgment on Babylon and men becoming God’s as mentioned in the Garden of Eden and written about and foretold in many other places in the Bible.

The Bible clearly says; we are all of one blood – and if we believe we were created in God’s image and all descended from Adman and Eve (it’s either that, or amoeba and monkeys – take your pick) and the Genome Project that corroborates the Bible’s explanation of us all descending from two people is anything to go by for all the science buffs – then we should believe the Bible, and realise that all these debates are no more than distractions from what’s going on under our noses.

Those with the money (or rather those that practice making it without doing any work by printing it and loaning it out at interest – a practice that until a few hundred years ago was forbidden everywhere) have for hundreds of years been planning the only world order in which they could possibly envisage having ‘peace’ without Jesus reigning in, and therefore keeping in check, the hearts of men, women and children – all be it a pseudo peace. One where they are in control of everything and everyone – and that would require being in control of one thing; every financial transaction – everywhere. Once this happens, and we’re almost there, ‘borders’ as we know them may exist physically, but will cease to have any meaning, and for all intents and purposes cease to exist.