90 Year Old Man Faces Jail for Heinous Crime; Feeding The Hungry

Forget illegal email servers and pay to play… the real criminal Abbott had his dastardly plan to feed hungry and homeless folks stopped in the nick of time before more damage could be done by US law enforcers. How dare he look after his fellow neighbours!

Yep, it looks like the times that the Bible describes in great detail are finally here. When they call good evil and evil good. They really have lost the plot, or perhaps they ate some of this man’s clearly poisonous food that needs throwing in the bin and him quarantined. But seriously, the powers that seek to control every aspect of our lives, because we can’t be trusted have actually arrested an old man in the USA – Arnold Abbott – for doing what?… feeding hungry people!

“Officer shouted; drop that plate – right now! – like it was dangerous weapon”

What an evil old man! Listen folks, something is clearly not right – not that we didn’t know that already, but this just underlines once again that the PC lunatics have indeed escaped from the hen-house and unwittingly helping to build themselves and us, a prison for everyone.

The USA for all her government official’s misdemeanours in failing to follow the original American Constitution’s rules – incidentally the most amazing piece of legislation ever created designed to limit governmental powers and install real and lasting freedom FOR the people, is the last genuinely free place on earth – so we should mourn these events. Folks – it’s no longer conspiracy and the Bible as ever was right on the money. Here’s one of many articles on the subject here; www.independent.co.uk –  ninety year old man facing jail for giving food to homeless people

Red Cross Madness?

Not only that, but we hear that the Red Cross have allegedly been kicking out locals who have set up shelters and feeding and clothing stations for flood victims and throwing the food away and taking over. Of course they are happy to take their donations at www.redcroos.org. What has the world come too?.. how dare these people presume to help their fellow men (and women for the PC crowd) without going through the government. Soon we will all need a license to help old ladies across the road. It remains to be seen if this is in fact actually happened (they have since denied it) but for sure this is what’s coming – no more autonomous serving the poor or your next door neighbour – everything must pass through governmentally approved channels. Read more about the Red Cross investigation here.

The Devil: The Master of Division

We all want unity, but not the false – enforced unity that is created by the government and pushed onto the masses and often encouraged and even rubber-stamped by some religious organisations – but the kind talked of by Jesus Christ. Unity that comes about through each individual checking his own Bible and heart daily, and choosing individually to serve his or her neighbour and administer to their spiritual and physical needs – the greatest form of love according to Jesus – charity.

So this is why our adversaries love division amongst the people. Because by default it causes the people to demand that the government – an entity that should have limited power – to take over the enforcement of not only of law and order which is it’s real job, but the enforcement of charity – AKA socialism.

Let’s not forget that when Jesus said: “Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division”, that this is often twisted to mean that Jesus was not ultimately interested in peace for the world but interested in creating division amongst all – when even a cursory reading of the Bible clearly shows us that the division He is speaking of here simply means a sorting of the sheep from goats that will culminate with everlasting peace on earth. Jesus mission was in fact all about long term peace in the external world – and short term offering us peace in our hearts amongst the chaos of the world that would eventually come to an end. He being the Prince of Peace and there is no contradiction here when read in context.

Our adversary is much happier when we as individuals are alleviated of our commission to serve those in need and the government takes over. After all it allows us all to focus on ourselves even more and forget the needs of others (God told us in no uncertain terms that serving others was in fact serving Him). “In the last days they shall become lover of self” Jesus told us. The word ‘selfies’ comes to mind every time I read that.

Is Milk Really So Good For You?

For years doctors told us smoking was good for us – and specifically for the lungs! Clearly nowadays, with so much information and studies at our fingertips we need to hold what we are told lightly – and extra lightly with so the many Youtube ‘experts’ spouting all kinds of nonsense to sell us the same.

I personally was prescribed a steroid Asthma inhaler pump for several years by the chief asthma nurse at my local practice only to have my suspicions confirmed years later that I never needed one in the first place and simply had G.E.R.D which was causing an incessant cough! This is where inhaled stomach acid irritates the lungs and upper respiratory tract (caused by a hiatus hernia). Hmm.. and I also found out later doctors receive money and ‘perks’ for ‘diagnosing’ and prescribing such medicines, but I doubt there is a connection;)

We should clearly be not only listening to our doctors but doing our own research in this day and age on information (or sadly often misinformation) wherever we can to backup or falsify the many claims put out there. I was going to say take advice with a pinch of salt but that would probably be unwise. Anyway – check out this video for some interesting REAL studies on milk – crucially not sponsored by the Milk Board. I’m no veggie – but you might also want to check out his videos on real studies on meat and wether or not we are all doomed if we don’t eat it – again – not sponsored by the Meat Marketing Board! There is a lot of tweaking the ‘facts’ its seems where there  is big money to be made.