Science Has Found Proof of the Existence of God

Watching science slowly uncover God’s means and ways of creating the cosmos is like watching them open Pandora’s box – the more they find out – the more they realise they do not and cannot know… because let’s face it, if God exists, He cannot be in our physical realm and can therefore never be seen or touched or ‘discovered’ physically.

But the genius of the cosmos is just that – a true genius and one that has left His mark indelibly on His creation, so that the more we discover – the more – and crucially not less as we are often told – it points to information – which then in turn has to point to a mind – His mind.

God says in The Bible He reveals things to children that He will not reveal to the most intelligent adults who choose not to love or search for truth, but suppress it in order to fit with their lifestyles

Watch the following video and discover what everyone knows in their hearts to be true, ‘unbelievers’ and believers alike, and especially children, when they first see the stars in the sky. We all know in our hearts they must have come from somewhere or something other than ‘nothing’ – which by definition is in fact something, before we become sucked into this unbelieving world and choose to suppress what we know to be truth because by accepting it means we must accept accountability for our lifestyles – something most of us are not willing to do – preferring to search for ways to disprove God’s word so we can continue in sin, and somehow avoid judgement.

And to think that ‘clever’ adults do this in the hope that when they meet God they can say; “you didn’t give us proof’ to which He will laugh, and reply something like; “so what exactly more would you like me to pull out of the hat other than a perfect cosmos and the mathematically impossible – life itself in not one, but a billion forms?”

Scientists tell us they will believe only what they can see with their eyes to be true (except the cosmos and everything in it)

God is no fool – he has not left the kind of ‘hard scientific proof’ that scientists demand is required proof of God, open to finding – but only the kind of proof that sits in front of your eyes and stares at you, and to deny is to deny the obvious – the truth. The infinite, immortal, immaterial and intangible mind of God, by definition cannot, and will never be seen, ‘proved’, ‘disproved’ or touched by mortal, physical men, and to pursue the afore mentioned is futile. Over time, the knowledge of God’s Pandora’s box-like cosmos will unfold to reveal ever more complex design, and all scientific evidence will point ever more towards Him.


Cook Red Meat Above 70 to Avoid Carcinogenic Viruses

It’s been known for a long time that several viruses play a part in the formation of cancer in humans. In beef, polyoma viruses has been discovered that can survive cooking and pasteurisation. To avoid the negative effects of the carcinogenic virus found in burger or bovine meat, make sure a) you don’t over-cook any meat by burning it (whilst carbon is not dangerous, the by-products formed by burning meats especially with barbecuing, causes the formation of carcinogens) and b) equally, as the title of this article suggests, under cooking it – or to be more specific, cooking the meat under 70 degrees will not fully deactivate the carcinogenic effects of the known carcinogenic viruses that are in bovine meat.

The safest way to cook meat is to boil, stew or steam at high temperatures for a considerable time to avoid the burning effects of frying and grilling. Regarding The most dangerous way to eat meat is to eat a constant level of a given dangerous product for many years and constantly expose your system and organs to it. Much better to mix and vary your food more like scavenging and eat fruits and vedge along side meat to minimise negative it’s effects. See the video below for full explanation of how to stop the effects of the polyoma virus in beef.

New Bibles Are More Numerous That Windows Updates!

“Warning – important notice; Your Bible is out of date – please patch your existing Bible version with our new improved and updated version! We have had our most knowledgable scholar with an impressive list of extensive credentials re-interpret and correct the texts so YOU can get the most out of our all new translation!

You must do this now – as our new Bible version includes essential updates, vulnerability and bug fixes, corrections to textual and translation errors, patches to stay safe from new security threats, plus a host of new features you can’t do without!

It’s our firm belief that the original 50+ scholars that were masterfully pitched head to head by King James and made accountable not only to each other – but more importantly to him – to stop personal agendas entering the translation – were not really that bright after all! Let’s face it, most of them only spoke multiple languages and had years and years of experience of ancient texts – much better to get 1 or 2 modern folks that have been to Bible college to re-translate everything, and hey – if they alter the text enough, we can hopefully get the copyright needed to sell it – and make a few bucks to support our ministry in the process!

Please note; Prosperity Church will no longer support your existing Bible translation after June 31st, so be sure to get your new and updated version! It’s yours free for a small one-time donation of just $200 to our ministry! Comes in classic leather bound and gold leaf versions, or shiny new modern name-it-and-claim-it flavours!”

Have All US News Anchors Become Partisan Mud Slingers?

Is it me, or have all the US TV news anchors lost their job descriptions as well as their minds? No I’m serious – aren’t TV news readers and news stations supposed to be impartial places of serious debate, or are they supposed to be more like playgrounds filled with children – posing as adults, engaging in name-calling and mud slinging matches, conducting completely and obviously bias interviews, altering facts, and lying by omission?

Donald trump is no saint, but he is right that the media had descended into a complete farce in most cases, with each station clearly taking sides and actually getting involved in passing opinion after opinion, when their job is clearly to ask pertinent questions and shut up and listen!

We should and do love all Muslims – we are commanded to love everyone by God and His Word – The Bible. But some people may have a problem with people that have gone abroad and been radicalised and come back and wish to harm us – if we want to protect our people that it. Is that an unreasonable stance to take? If I were president I would have one BIG concern; that people I was serving did not lose their lives unnecessarily on my watch and on account of me not taking action where effective action was possible. That seems right to me – to take necessary – temporary measures.

The interviewee is cool as a cucumber as he clearly has nothing – zero to hide. Interesting as Jesus said; “do not worry about what you will say when you are hauled before the rulers (paraphrase) as I will fill your mouth.” It’s a wonderful lesson for all Christians worried about how to answer these people. There is no need to fret or calculate your answers so long as you ARE telling the truth as far as you know it. Just speak the truth according to your conscience and you will do fine – no matter what pressure you are under. But try to weave a story – and it will last for a while before it comes back to bite you.

Anyway – watch and marvel as this CNN news anchor talks himself into a smaller and smaller – and smaller corner. Something he has clearly not learned is that the truth will always out – and spinning will always trip you up…  just a matter of time.

The Blitz Could Not Bring Down London – But Political Correctness Will

Come on Christian people and anyone else willing to listen – it’s time to wake up. The entire German airforce could not bring down England, but the fear of saying a few words can. How did we end up here? Well The Bible is clear; if we throw God out with the bath water and embrace all the things that God forbids… he will in turn subject us to what the Bible calls ‘strong delusion’ – in this case – our delusion.

This means – not being armed with the Sword of Truth and the spiritual understanding and souped-up inoculation from falsehoods that loving God and His word provides us – we will be – according to the bible like lambs to the slaughter. God Himself says HE WILL SEND STRONG DELUSION to those that don’t love truth! (I didn’t say we must always know the truth – that would be asking too much in this confused world – but what God indicates is most important is that we must seek truth and love it – there is a difference – regardless of weather it goes against our lifestyle, which let’s face it – is usually the reason for rejecting truth).

So what can we do to stop the violence? What is at the root? Well, the people in the ‘know’ tell us at it’s root it’s about one or two bad people. But I say it’s not about one or two bad people, in fact at the root it’s not about people at all – at the root, it’s about ideologies. I mean can we go on allowing these people to put more and more band-aids on this problem without looking at the root? We need to stop being ignorant and uninformed and repeating like parrots everything we are told by ‘learned men’ and news anchors and others, and get informed ourselves by our own study to see what is at the root of an issue.

If there is one thing every man woman and child needs to do in England (and everywhere else on the planet where these problems are happening and have been for 1000s years) that no one (that I have heard) has suggested; instead of debating, why, what, how is this possible with endless vacuous chat by uninformed western critics and ‘journalists’ who clearly no real knowledge on this matter… if you do one thing in 2017 do this; download, and read the book. Which book? I’ll leave you to decide which one I mean. I suggest not even most clergy have done this. I promise every liberal lefty their jaw will drop like mine did and a feeling of stupidity – trusting people that the Brits are at letting ourselves be duped is not a nice one.

America – thanks to Donald Trump love him or hate him has done his homework, now has a chance of holding out for a season and getting it’s house back in order after years of people trying to bring it to it’s knees. Many countries in Europe – especially the godless nation of France have put their heads in the sand and already fallen to strong delusion and are seeing the consequences on the streets – just look at France. The UK has also become a godless nation which means if we don’t do something now, we are next to fall for the strong delusion. Incidentally – I have a 200 year old Bible that predicts this exact scenario and speaks of ideologies – those words we cannot mention – my jaw dropped when I read this in the commentary written by an old man before my great-grandparents were even born.

If we all did it as I did ten years ago, causing the scales on my eyes to instantly drop, the arguing on both sides would instantly stop, the TV debates would become obviously unnecessary, the why, when, what and how (and particularly why open borders are advocated by the super rich politicians on our behalf whilst all the while being surrounded by ten foot walls themselves – in case the public find out this is cause the public to demand that the elites take more and more power to make us ‘safer’) would be answered for us. If we all did this the mist and fog would clear, and our foolishness to have allowed this to happen right under our noses would become extremely painfully clear. Then and only then may something be done to stop it. Until then we are like fools groping around in the dark, and all the while giving the government more and more powers to ‘protect’ us. But as usual – don’t take my word for it – read it for yourself. I could be wrong, but I fear I am not.