Piers Morgan Interviews Realistic Robot

And if you thought Piers Morgan was just a realistic robot – you ain’t seen nothin yet! Sorry Piers was that was a bit mean. We’ve all seen the sci-fi films of the eighties and nineties like Robocop and others, where we were convinced that the sophisticated robots on the screen were many many decades away, well apparently not – here’s the state of the art when it comes to animatronics and robotics.

Why recreate what God has already perfected?

Creepy as it seems, I’ve no doubt that the next generation of kids will grow up with these things as their guardians, teachers, mentors and it won’t be long before people are demanding the rights to marry them. It’s quite disconcerting to be frank for us oldies – perhaps I speak for myself, but what do you think? Is this kind of being walking among us going to be good for mankind, or is creating half-baked versions of God’s already perfected human body more akin to sticking a bumper sticker on a Ferrari?

No amount of manipulating chemicals and molecules will give rise to real living conscience

Call me old fashioned, but personally I cannot see how this will add to the happiness of mankind – it just makes the real thing – us and our roles in life to look after each other and our neighbours redundant. What’s really interesting about this though is one fact; no scientist will ever be able to place a soul – a living conscience in one of these things no matter how hard they try. Only God has the key to creating conscience – a soul and the ability to attach it to living flesh to create a self-aware mind conscious of it’s place in time and space.

Elvis Autograph? Proof He Really Must be Alive!

OK this is a little off-topic, but I came across an article on BBC today that said a book was being actioned with Elvis’ ‘autograph’ on it. Now I happen to have a good knowledge of all things Elvis as I grew up listening to him, have read several books on his life, music and foibles, and am even partial to the odd karaoke impression (odd being the operative word).

I hate to see people being fleeced

The thing is, am I going nuts, or am I seeing something that no one has spotted? Elvis was sighted and photographed carrying a copy of the book in question to be auctioned in 1976 (Google it) and the book or a similar copy that also passed through his hands is said to have been autographed by him for someone or something or other.

Am I going nuts or is this thing a fake?..

The problem is (unless I am dafter than I thought) that on the opposite side of the page where Elvis has ‘signed’ the book – are printed a list of ‘also available’ movies – several of which were not even written when the singer was alive (he died in 1977) – let alone made into films! For example The Final Conflict was written in 1980 and came out as a bad film in 1981.

But I’m sure I have got this all wrong – and someone somewhere will correct me on my belief that this ‘Elvis Presley autograph’ is a very possibly fake. Either way I just sent a note to the auctioneers as I hate to see people fleeced and thought I might spare someone some embarrassment if nothing else. Here is the article; http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-wiltshire-40670044

Here is the wikipedia article that gives the dates of the also available ‘films’; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Omen_(franchise)


From xyz & Son (the auctioneer house)
20:43 (20 minutes ago)
to me

Dear Edward,
Thank you for that, I will withdraw it and return it to the owner.

Kind Regards



So there you have it. There was I wondering if there was any point in letting the auctioneer know – and by doing so it looks like I may have saved him, or the potential buyer a few thousand quid!

Nothing Changes

Watch the video below and be amazed as I was. The father, the son and the mother are all in on it, and the ‘preacher’ even explains how the fleecing of the flock is done; with prayer cloths, emotional music, soaring crescendos followed by quiet moments of spiritual contemplation.

You’ll never want to visit a church that preaches the prosperity gospel ever again

If only all modern Christians were able to screen the film ‘Marjoe’ in their churches, but unfortunately this award winning 1972 colour documentary has got a copyright on it, which means it gets taken off the Internet as fast as it goes up. The makers of this documentary were possibly out to mock Christianity, but by all accounts after seeing it the’ve ended up doing us all a favour by exposing in no uncertain terms how the love of money really does get the better of some ‘pastors’ – the modern equivalent of whom like Marjoe demand cash for blessings and cures (as if anyone can ever imagine Christ doing that) and with the profits buy lear jets and five mansions in order to “carry out their ‘ministries work.”

Con artists know their Bibles better than those they are conning

I thought the prosperity phenomenon was perhaps a 30-40 year old scam max – but this eye-popping film shows how this family were openly at it 45 years ago and how they planned it from the start! It’s clearly been going on since the Bible itself was written.

Watch out at the end for the ‘repentant’ Marjoe as his conscience begins to get the better of him and even though he was never a belier in the first place – at least is honest enough with himself at the end to quit. Sadly that cannot be said for many preachers of super-churches today who prey on the sick and vulnerable and people who simply have not read their Bibles and whom you can often as seen here tell anything and get away with it.

How to recognise a fake; don’t study fakes – study the real deal!

A tip for anyone who wants to be inoculated from such scammers and instantly recognise a fake (applies in any walk of life – not just church); get a copy of the King James audio Bible and listen to it over and over at night – in the car – at work (if the’ll allow it – don’t get fired!). What happens is miraculous. Having made yourself really familiar with the real deal – a fake – doctrine, teaching etc is instantly recognisable! The reason for this is that truth is self-verifying and interpreted as such by way of the Holy Sprit to anyone that loves truth. So we don’t have to struggle with what is and isn’t fake – learn and get familiar the real thing! God bless you.

It’s been happening since the year dot…

Watch the entire film here as long as it remains on that popular site called Youtube…

Below you will see the master Benny Hinn and his modern day version of this scam and it looks no different from the forty-five year old version. If you you are in any doubt about the Benny, check out the tell-all videos of his nephew that grew up with this nonsense and finally after reading the Bible realised that none of it made sense.

Why Does Trump Use Twit-ster – sorry I mean Twitter?

I don’t really like Donald Trump, but even I – an uneducated fool have recognised for decades that the swamp that has formed here in the UK by career politicians who’ve never had a proper job, and the similar swamp that has formed in the US – does need draining once in a while if we are to retain real freedom, and the only person that could possibly do it, would be someone that has already ‘made it’, who does not need the money of big business, and does not need fame and self aggrandisement or have an obsession to ‘leave a mark’ because they’ve already made it. I would have voted for him, not because he is going to be a saviour, but because he may for a period at least, hold off the socialist world government that is predicted in The Bible and now very visible just over the horizon.

Back to the Twitter question; should he use it, and if he is, why is he using it? Well love him or loath the Donald – watch this and you’ll see he’s using CNN’s own stupidity and pure money driven goal to get ratings to make them expose their own real interests – trash stories! In fact the essence of and what most of CNN and Twitter is about. These folks are so blatantly biased that people need to stop watching them or they’ll be telling us all what to think and what’s right and wrong for another fifty years.

How silly – this guy is very rational and telling this anchor what CNNs problem is, and she carries on doing the same thing not once – twice – thrice – four and five times. The president is not puerile enough to use the children’s playground that is Twitter, to air and discuss his most important decisions to get America back on it’s feet – he’s not going discuss and have a serious debate on a website where twits just trade insults all day, and turn everyone else into twits in the process – he knows what Twitter is, and he chooses to talk real politics and to real people in person. But the CNN folk are fixated with Twitter and trash proving his point – if he is trying to make one that is and I suspect he is.

Here’s what’s happening; they love junk news that gets ratings – so he gives them little silly comments on Twitter like piranhas – and they then expose their real $$$ driven interests by non-stop – I mean –  non-stop coverage of it, instead of what matters undermining their whole dishonest-by-omission channel. I have to say – whilst he is arrogant and I probably wouldn’t invite him to tea – he is very smart in some ways.

Thank God!

A few years ago I thought we really had reached the end. ‘Progressives’ (I prefer to call them regressives – those folks who don’t understand that God is the same always – yesterday, today and forever – only so-called progressives change in their thinking about what’s right and wrong) I felt had finally put the nail in God’s coffin (and unwittingly their own in the process) and that no one was powerful enough, or had enough reach to stand up to the nonsense and frankly evil, in the form of political correctness that has been sweeping the globe for some time, and reached an all-time level of stupidity in 2017. Well it looks like we may have been spared – just for a while at least in all truth if we are to be realistic – from the PC morons. Enjoy this video and GOD BLESS YOU!