The Cosmos is God’s Self Portrait

People that do not believe that God created the earth and human beings just for His pleasure and placed them in a beautiful cosmos, often point to the vastness of the cosmos, and the apparent smallness and insignificance of earth in relation to it, as proof that God would not make such an infinitely small pin-prick the object of his love and sacrifice, and that there must be millions of other ‘earths’ and races which means we are utterly unimportant in the universe – and to think otherwise is pure arrogance (when in reality it is not arrogance to assume God created the vast cosmos just for tiny us – it simply shows His greatness, against our smallness).

Apart from the fact that scientists now tell us that not enough time has elapsed in our cosmos for ‘evolution’ to have occurred (giving rise to multiple universe theories and others – if one theory that discounts God doesn’t work, invent another) I think this misses the whole point; if you were a vast infinite God (a God that is not infinite and outside our natural world, is no God at all), and you had created the earth and mankind as your object of desire, but wanted to somehow paint a portrait of yourself to show your beings your nature and majesty, and indeed your power in comparison to theirs (so that they might never think they don’t need you) you would create exactly what we see – the massive and incomprehensibly beautiful and power-laden cosmos, with it’s vast and almost infinite number of galaxies, with us spinning somewhere in the midst of it all on a tiny rock – totally reliant on that surrounding galaxy.

Then, the fact that God would visit this insignificant speck in the cosmos, and live and die a man’s death for the sake of us it’s inhabitants, these often mind-bogglingly small minded, and small in stature beings, shows just how great His love must be for us is.

Why Didn’t God Give us Proof of His Existence?

God is no fool – He is masterful. Most men on the other hand are fickle and want all their ducks in a row, and scientific proof of everything before they will believe something (it’s worth pointing out that the often cited need of proof in order to ‘believe’ in God is a contradiction in terms, or at best a meaningless concept) so they can be assured of salvation regardless of their deeds or actions – then forget about God and salvation and carry on in their sin. Luckily for us, He has given us salvation by a simple faith in His goodness and not of our own deeds – lest we boast. None of us would be salvageable otherwise.

God outwits dishonest men every time. He has not left His existence, or an exact formula for salvation, that people that have no love for God or truth can follow and be saved – open to proof or disproof, or dogma or doctrine as men would like – Jesus said; “I am the truth and the way.” Much as men would like to base their salvation on getting the right doctrine and/or proof. God masterfully left it to what men desire in their hearts – by FAITH we are saved. This means any adult with a heart facing God can be reformed and saved – even an innocent child with no knowledge of doctrine or dogma. Beautiful! Thank goodness or we would all be in trouble.

And we can clearly see what men want in their hearts from their attitude towards Jesus claim to be God in flesh as a sacrifice for us and his words. If we admit our need for this sacrifice we are being honest. If we don’t admit our sin, or our need for salvation, and Jesus as a perfect sacrifice as the only solution we are being dishonest not only with God but ourselves. Believing our own lies is often more dangerous than believing those of others.

But in any case, God is not daft enough to give absolute proof of His, or even Jesus existence. And we would never find absolute (scientific/physical) proof of God’s existence anyway – since we are in the natural realm and He is in the supernatural – behind a veil that the people at CERN and others are hoping to penetrate.

God has given us the proof we need – not necessarily the proof we want

But God has not left us groping. What we have actually been given is SUFFICIENT (sufficient means laking nothing) evidence of God’s existence from creation, and the truth of men’s predicament and the only possible remedy (God taking sin on Himself) from Jesus and his death. Jesus said; “no sign will be given to those who only look for signs.” Thank goodness! Can you imagine living in a world full of people who only ‘believe’ because they wanted and got indisputable proof – but did not want God – the giver of all good things. God is masterful.

Wasn’t Jesus Just Serapis in a Different Guise?

Man has, and always will try to imitate and stand in the place of The Christ. And it’s to be expected that men believe a saviour will come, even one born of a pure virgin – it’s in our DNA from Serapis to Donald Trump so no surprises there. We instinctively know that a god would not be particularly nice god that expected us to live in this hell-hole we call civilisation, bit was not prepared to experience it himself. But the God of The Bible was prepared – from the beginning of time in fact.

In my humble opinion God did come just as expected by many different ancient people’s in the form of flesh, and has also as expected by confused mankind been depicted in a thousand ways wrongly – made to look like emperors, or light skinned and so on – all to be expected of whoever was in power at the time from Constantine or the Catholic church or whoever. Men never miss an opportunity if they can’t beat something, to join it or make it their own.

But the person The Bible speaks of – this Jesus – this Christ was real alright. Even the anti-Christian historians of the day attested to him existing and being crucified. So we can forget Serapis, Osiris and all the other god-men that have predictably been created in men’s image before and after the biblical Jesus. This Jesus is the only person in history that according to the Gospels at least, never spoke a word that didn’t make sense, or a word that was untruthful or unjust.

Whoever you think Jesus of Nazareth was, this man clearly spoke the words of the Spirit of God. To me, he clearly was the truth, the truth about life, the truth about men, the truth about God’s nature – nothing he said hinted of delusion or insanity – just the plain unvarnished truth about mankind and his delusions of grandeur. We are then asked in The Bible, having heard from him the unadulterated truth about men, and their problem of sin, and what the only solution would be (God Himself as the only possible perfect sacrifice), who along side his hundreds of perfectly truthful statements also made one seemingly impossible claim and was almost stoned for it – that he was God, to make our choice on which side of this man, or man-God we stand. Having never heard of or met anyone in my lifetime like Jesus who made such a claim, and knowing  he went to an excruciating death to put his money where his mouth was, I know which side I’m taking.

The Limits of Prayer

Surely there are no limits to what we ask for in prayer? You just imagine the Ferrari, or the healing, or the windfall, or the girlfriend, or the job, or the husband in front of you, and the ‘power of attraction’ will bring it to you right? Hmm… I’ve always been sceptical of this kind of thinking which is often called ‘new age’ doctrine but which in fact was the problem way back in the garden. “And ye shall be as Gods” were the  famous words of the serpent.

Then to complicate things we have from God himself; “And you shall do things even greater than I” – Jesus’ famous words, and I believe every word he spoke. This was a man we know we can trust in 100% from what came out of his mouth. And to make prayer even more difficult to understand we have also been promised a blank check book for the kingdom of God!

But are there any limits to this check book for Heaven Ltd? Yes I believe there are according to David Pawson. I think he is right when he says; we must only ask for that which glorifies the father. The thinking should always be; “how will the Father glorify himself in this prayer request and what should I ask for in light of that?”

Mr Pawson – old school preacher that he may be, is as ever bang on the money – no pun intended! No name it and claim it or your best life now clap-trap. No having to know some secret – as if a loving God of the universe would keep anything desperately needed a secret from those that love him, as many of us are often subconsciously taught by modern new-age quasi-Christian books and churches.

Would a loving God require us to say a set of spell-like words or phrases with the correct spelling and pronunciation, as if He is sort of genie who would not help us if we said something imperfectly? Of course not. So what does he want from, and what are the real point of our prayers?

Well, as mentioned above David Pawson beautifully explains the reality of the real meaning of prayer, and clears away the fog of self, and of praying for personal gain, or praying for that of others even, none of which are necessarily wrong to pray for ultimately, but might and can often miss the whole point of prayer – namely to glorify Him.

Watch the video below for a proper explanation (unlike my garbled one) and better understanding of what we should ask really be asking for in prayer and why we should be doing it in the first place.

Struggling With Forgiveness?

We’ve all been there, and most of us continue to struggle daily with forgiveness of those who sin against us. If you are having trouble with a particular person or something that has happened to you that you consider to be an injustice that has gone unnoticed by your fellow man or the perpetrator, here is a bit of inspiration and encouragement to help you forgive your enemies and those who sin against you. The reason forgiveness is so important is more for the forgiver than the perpetrator, since unforgiven sin breeds anger, discontent and blocks our connection with God. Ultimately I have seen unforgiveness end with mental and then finally physical illness. We as Christians must always try to nip any feelings of unforgiveness in the bud before they blossom into our own misery and sometimes even death.